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Blog Post
Posted by Liza Tucker
Somebody's listening. We issued Golden Wasteland this morning, a harsh look at  the Department of Toxic Substances Control and how it's falling down on its job of protecting Californians and the environment from toxic harm.  NBC took a deep dive look at the Department last night as well -- and its director refused to answer...
News Release
Posted by Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog today praised the Department of Toxic Substances Control for 72 citations of Chemical Waste Management Inc. for failing to report spills of hazardous waste at its hazardous waste and PCB landfill over a four-year period, but said now the department should follow through with a permit denial. The...
Focus Area
Posted by Daniel Palay
California has some of the toughest environmental laws in the nation, but some of the weakest enforcement. Toxic pollution emissions from manufacturers and refineries to soil and water rose ten percent in 2011, after steadily falling since 2007, according to the US EPA. Toxic pollution is affecting communities across the state from heavily...