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Tell NHTSA: Stop allowing car makers to use drivers as human guinea pigs

NHTSA must stop allowing car makers to use drivers as human guinea pigs in self-driving cars that are not ready for the road. The federal government needs to provide rules and oversight instead of buying into Silicon Valley hype.

Tell NHTSA: Stop allowing car makers to use drivers as human guinea pigs


Will Prince's Death Finally Spur Opioid Prescribing Reform?

Will the death of a music icon spur opioid prescribing reform? California lawmakers vote tomorrow. Add your voice to support SB 482 to #stopthepurplepain. 

Will Prince's Death Finally Spur Opioid Prescribing Reform?


Ask the PUC to Publicly Investigate the Aliso Canyon Blowout

The Aliso Canyon blowout keeps spewing methane onto sickened Porter Ranch residents but Governor Jerry Brown’s investigation into the crisis is swathed in secrecy. If the investigation continues behind closed doors, we may never really find out who was responsible for the Aliso Canyon disaster.

Ask the PUC to Publicly Investigate the Aliso Canyon Blowout


Ask For Your Free Jerry Brown Oil Map

After Governor Jerry Brown asked government employees to assess the governor's private property, the head of California's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources directed staffers to research, map and report back on any mining and oil drilling potential and history of Brown's 2,700-acre property.

Ask for Your Free Jerry Brown Oil Map


Tell the State Senate to Subpoena Oil Company CEOs

California gas prices have increased $1.25 in two months, costing Californians hundreds of millions of dollars. Gasoline in California is over a dollar more expensive than the national average. Despite this, oil companies refused to testify at the California Senate Hearing.

Ask the State Senate to Subpoena Oil Company CEOs to Testify


Tell DMV: Protect Safety And Privacy With Robot Cars!

Self-driving cars are now being tested on our public streets and roads.  They have been in accidents but Google is keeping the results secret. Ask the DMV to not approve use of robot cars without the ability of human drivers to take over.


Oppose Higher Gas Prices? Say No To The Keystone XL Pipeline

Americans will pay up to 40 cents more per gallon of gas if Keystone XL is built and Canadian tar sands oil is shipped overseas. Contact the President today to stop this oil industry cash machine!



Tell Your Lawmakers to Reform Outdated MICRA Law & Lift the Cap Today!

Since 1975 the value of everything has gone up, except the value of a child’s life. A cap that doesn’t adjust for inflation was flawed from the day it was signed. The MICRA law is so old Jerry Brown signed it in his first term when legislators made $22,000 per year. Lawmakers salaries have gone up more than 400% since then, but the value of the lives of victims of medical negligence hasn’t gone up at all. 38 years is too late not to do something about it - Tell your legislators to lift the cap today!


Tell the Legislature to Stop the Koch Brothers from Buying the LA Times

The New York Times report today that the Koch brothers have moved closer to purchasing The Los Angeles Times sent shivers through Angelenos who cling to Thomas Jefferson’s admonition about the importance of the freedom of the press. The final say in California will be in the super-majority of Democrats in the statehouse and the will of the people that can sometimes speak through them. Tell your legislators to help stop the sale today!


Tell You Senators To Support Sen. Rockefeller's Do-Not-Track Bill

When you go online and surf the web, your activities are tracked by countless companies you don't even know exist. They use the digital dossiers about you that they have compiled to sell you to advertisers. You should be able to tell Internet companies that you don't want them peeking over your shoulder as you surf the web. That's why Senators Jay Rockefeller and Richard Blumenthal have introduced the Do-Not-Track Act of 2013, which would charge the Federal Trade Commission with drafting regulations that would require Do-Not-Track to be honored. Ask your Senator to support the Do-Not-Track Act of 2013 today.


Volunteer for Consumer Watchdog Campaign's Fight to Make Health Insurers Justify Their Rates

The Health Insurance Rate Public Justification and Accountability Act is on the 2014 California general election ballot and we need your help to make it law!  Come join us in our Santa Monica campaign headquarters and help us build the grassroots campaign necessary to defeat the millions that will be spent by the greedy health insurance companies to fight this much needed reform. Click here to join our citizen campaign to help make health insurance truly affordable.


Time to Take the Power Back for the People & Protect Against Dangerous Doctors

Earlier this week, bereaved families of overdose victims and consumer advocates joined together to rally at the Capitol in Sacramento to call for new laws to discipline and deter dangerous over-prescribing doctors. Will you join them and tell your California legislators that it is time to reform the Medical Board and give patients and their families the protections they deserve?


Tell Governor Brown to Fire Top Toxic Regulators Invested In Toxic Polluters

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is tasked with protecting Californians and the environment from toxic harm. But it’s been falling down on the job for years and giving a pass to serial violators of environmental laws. Now we know one reason why. Two top regulators who oversee some of the biggest polluters in the state —Chief Deputy Director Odette Madriago and Deputy Director Stewart Black — have financial ties to those same companies. They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturers and refineries that are regulated by the department or hold permits before it. No wonder companies get wrist-slap fines and never lose their permits when they are caught poisoning the state. These outrageous conflicts of interest must stop. Tell Governor Jerry Brown to fire these two officials immediately.

Time to Stop Drug Dealing And Doped Up Doctors!

A recent Los Angeles Times series uncovered widespread problems with overprescribing and 71 physicians whose prescriptions have led to three or more overdose deaths, but who are not publicly accountable or even identified.  And recently the California Medical Board issued a decision to allow a meth user, Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle, to treat patients again after pleading guilty to felony drug dealing.  Isn't it time patients get the protection they deserve against drug-dealing and drug-using physicians?  Join Consumer Watchdog and mothers from all across California to call on your legislators and the Governor to take up and pass crucial patient rights legislation.


Tell the CA Attorney General to Oppose the BP/Tesoro Deal

BP's low-cost Arco brand and Tesoro are on the cusp of a deal that would artificially drive California gas prices up even higher! By further consolidating a market desperate for competition, oil companies will see their profits soar by shorting supply to a critical level. Tell the State Attorney General, Kamala Harris, to oppose the the BP-Tesoro deal and to regulate gas supplies in the state.



Tell the California Department of Toxic Substances Control to do their job and make Evergreen comply with the rules!

Evergreen Oil has been a serial toxic polluter for years. The latest incident took place on July 6 at its plant in Newark, California when the plant leaked a hazardous heat transfer fluid. Evergreen's chief regulator, The California Department of Toxic Substances Control, has been too lax for too long. If you'd like this hazardous waste and re-refining company to follow the rules, and regulators to do their jobs, then act by letting the director of the DTSC know it's time to close this plant down until we're sure it's safe.



Support The Privacy Bill Of Rights

Last February President Obama proposed a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and called for Congress to pass legislation to enact it into law.

It's long past time for Congress to act to protect our Online privacy.  Call on your representatives in Congress to back the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights now.







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