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News Release
Posted by John M. Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – A coalition of anti-child sex trafficking and public interest groups, and the mother of a trafficking victim, today released a report detailing how a Google-funded campaign protects a law that shields a notorious hub of child sex-trafficking, Backpage.com, from any accountability for its activities. Google and the...
News Story
Posted by Evan Thomas King
'Their proposed fix might undermine all speech platforms online' The online classifieds site Backpage became notorious in recent years for its “adult services” section, where children have been bought and sold as prostitutes. In light of this statistic, the federal government recently intervened—following a...
Posted by Evan Thomas King
A new report by Consumer Watchdog and its coalition partners shows how google helped fund the legal defense of Backpage.com, a website which hosted ads for child prostitution.