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Blog Post
Posted by John M. Simpson
Over the weekend The Los Angeles Times published a new poll suggesting that we may have reached the tipping point on online privacy, finally forcing policymakers to take notice and react to ease people's concerns. The USC Dornsife/Times poll found a stunning 82 percent of Californians say they are very or somewhat concerned about "...
Blog Post
Posted by John M. Simpson
Google's latest change to its search engine, dubbed "Search plus Your World" apparently has drawn the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission because of antitrust concerns, according to Bloomberg News. I'd say the agency, already investigating the Internet giant's business practices, was correct to add Google's...
News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
Silicon Valley is still Obama country – a Democratic bounty of lefty voters, liberal checkbooks and cutting edge cachet — but the captains of California’s high-tech industry are warning they won’t be taken for granted. President Barack Obama, who tried to make peace earlier this month with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,...