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Posted by Daniel Palay
Attorney General Kamala Harris didn't waste any time getting down to business this year. Fox 11 investigative producer Heidi Cuda reports that the state is suing two California companies for allegedly violating the state's hazardous waste laws. The lawsuit, filed by the AG's office, make some serious allegations: That since 2006, the...
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Posted by Liza Tucker
Today, senators from California, Washington and Oregon joined our call to investigate refineries, asking the Department of Justice to comb through California refineries one by one to see whether market manipulation or false reporting by oil refineries had something to do with record $5 dollar a gallon prices at some California gas stations last...
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Posted by Harvey Rosenfield
The Mercury Insurance initiative’s lawsuit to stop the Attorney General and us opponents from telling the truth about Proposition 33 – how it will raise auto insurance rates – got tossed out of Sacramento Superior Court last Thursday. The Mercury campaign asked the court to rewrite the Official Ballot Pamphlet, which is sent to...