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Auto Insurance Regulation

Blog Post
Posted by Harvey Rosenfield
Auto insurance rates in California have to be based primarily on a motorist’s driving safety record, the number of miles you drive each year, and how many years you’ve been on the road.  That’s one of the mandates of insurance reform Proposition 103, approved by California voters in a David versus Goliath battle with the...
Posted by Consumer Watchdog
 Prop 103 has resulted in lower premiums than 25 years ago
News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
The average policyholder will see a $65 reduction in his or her annual bill. It's the Auto Club of Southern California's fourth rate decrease in the last nine years. About 1 million customers of the Automobile Club of Southern California will get an average $65 reduction in their annual car insurance bills, the auto club and the state...
News Release
Posted by Doug Heller
Santa Monica, CA – California drivers insured by Auto Club of Southern California will receive an average rate decrease of 4.1% after the company agreed to lower premiums following discussions with the California Department of Insurance and Consumer Watchdog.  The nonprofit Consumer Watchdog challenged a 2012 Auto Club filing with the...
Blog Post
Posted by Jamie Court
Can you remember another year when consumers' voices have been heard so loudly? We're one step closer to fair health insurance rates: Consumer Watchdog Campaign qualified a ballot measure for the next California general election that forces health insurance companies to justify and get permission before raising rates, and also provides...
News Release
Posted by Pam Pressley
Santa Monica, CA – Low-income Californians with good driving records should be given a 3.9% rate decrease on the state's innovative Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, according to an actuarial analysis Consumer Watchdog submitted to the California Department of Insurance Wednesday. The Insurance Commissioner is conducting an annual rate...
News Release
Posted by Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- The insurance billionaire behind Prop 33 is asking California voters to believe that he wants to overturn laws that have protected consumers for 24 years to save consumers money. Consumer Watchdog Campaign today released the “Top Five Reasons You Can’t Trust Mercury Insurance,” outlining the company’s...
News Story
Posted by Daniel Palay
We continue our look at next month’s California election ballot with Proposition 33. It would change state laws on auto insurance premiums. If you've been with the same car insurance company for five-straight years or more, you're probably getting some type of "continuous coverage" discount. But let's say you wanted to...
News Release
Posted by Daniel Palay
Santa Monica, CA – Mercury General is raising auto insurance rates by $63 million on its customers, an average 4% rate hike for 990,000 Mercury auto insurance policyholders in California. The rate hike comes just ahead of a November vote on Proposition 33, funded by Mercury Chairman George Joseph, which would allow insurance companies to...