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News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
BUSINESS BRIEFINGS - HEALTHCARE: An HIV patient in San Diego sued Anthem Blue Cross in state court, accusing California's largest for-profit insurer of violating the law by requiring certain policyholders to buy specialty drugs from a mail-order pharmacy. The plaintiff, who withheld his name because of his medical condition, filed suit in San...
News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
The health insurer's requirement that some customers get their prescription drugs from a single mail-order pharmacy has caught the eye of the California attorney general's office. Anthem Blue Cross may be breaking California law by requiring some policyholders to buy their prescription drugs from a single mail-order pharmacy, according to...
Courtroom Case
Posted by Jerry Flanagan
Anthem Blue Cross patients with HIV/AIDS may “opt-out” of a program that would have required them to obtain their medications by mail order under a settlement announced by Consumer Watchdog and Whatley Kallas LLC.  The lawsuit, filed in January in San Diego Superior Court, alleged that Blue Cross’s mandatory mail order...