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Santa Monica, CA — San Bernardino County, plagued by predatory mortgages that left 60% of the county’s homeowners underwater, is stepping up to solve the problem on its own after the failure of banks and the financial industry to stem the crisis, said Consumer Watchdog. The county’s newly formed joint powers authority scheduled a...
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Santa Monica, CA – A Sacramento Superior Court will hear arguments tomorrow on a lawsuit by Mercury Insurance Company billionaire George Joseph and his Prop 33 campaign to remove criticism of Prop 33 from the official ballot arguments and hide from voters the fact that Proposition 33 will allow insurance companies to surcharge California...
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Washington DC – Big mortgage bundlers tied to title companies and the real estate lobby are seeking to get Congress to allow home warranty companies to pay now-illegal kickbacks to real estate brokers under last minute Congressional legislation. Consumer Watchdog condemned the effort to let the legislation proceed without a floor...
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Sacramento, CA — In a letter to state senators, Consumer Watchdog called for an examination of the years-long failure of the Department of Toxic Substances Control to protect communities from dangerous industries near homes and schools. Senators have an opportunity to ask questions about these problems at today’s Rules Committee...
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By Carmen Balber
In case you missed it -- Former governor Schwarzenegger was just fined $30,000 by the FPPC for illegally funding advertising for a budget fight with money he raised in unlimited amounts from corporate donors to his California Dream Team ballot measure committee. Consumer Watchdog sent a letter of complaint to the FPPC in July of 2009 about...
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reflecting the millions of Americans concerned about the undue influence wielded by corporations and wealthy special interests in our democracy, 50 organizations have jointly signed and presented a letter to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees requesting hearings to explore...
Doug Heller discusses why CA state senators avoid questions about exotic trips funded by special interest groups on KTTV TV-11 Los Angeles, CA.
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Occupy LA/Los Angeles, CA -- Consumer Watchdog, whose founder Harvey Rosenfield wrote Proposition 103, the 1988 insurance reform initiative that has saved drivers $62 billion, celebrated the 100th birthday of the California ballot initiative process at Occupy LA in downtown Los Angeles Thursday.  The nonprofit, nonpartisan group blew out...
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Sacramento, CA -- “Corporations are abusing California’s initiative process for their own profit,” said Harvey Rosenfield, the author of insurance reform Proposition 103 and founder of Consumer Watchdog, at a conference celebrating direct democracy’s 100th birthday in California. “The Legislature is more beholden to...
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By Jamie Court
Occupy Wall Street has now drawn the attention of the labor movement, political cognoscente and the White House.  It’s an authentic movement, born of genuine financial distress and betrayal, which is why it is resonating with Americans and is sparking protests in cities across America. But can Zuccotti Park, the occupiers’...