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By Judy Dugan
(Rancho Mirage, CA) -- Here in sunny Rancho Mirage, it’s a typical progressive gathering–lots of energy, but the wifi in the conference room was kaput. Oh, well, we still heard a great panel to kick off the rally against the Koch Bros. not-so-secret political gathering at a posh resort East of Palm Springs. In a nutshell: We must...
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Washington, DC– House Republicans are misrepresenting California’s experience with medical liability limits to argue for legislation, HR 5, that would take away the rights of patients injured by medical negligence. Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to the bill’s author, House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, today and called on...
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By Judy Dugan
Here’s a kind of story that rarely gets reported without a specific combination of expert industry and legal knowledge and a nose for news: In Washington State, the government is passing along gas taxes to Native American tribes, on whose land the residents do not pay gas taxes. At least some of the $89 million transferred since 2007...
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Santa Monica, CA -- In a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday, Consumer Watchdog asked Brown to add a petroleum extraction tax or fee to his state budget, bringing the state an additional $1 billion or more in annual revenue to soften draconian cuts.   “An extraction tax, of the type that every other oil state in the U.S. collects,...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
California had a different election from the rest of the U.S. It provides a unique opportunity to improve on, rather than spew about repealing, the federal health reform. The spin that favoring health reform killed off the defeated incumbents in the House is way overblown to start with, since most of the Democrats who voted against the reform...
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Washington, DC -- Consumer Watchdog asked President Obama to force BP Fund Administrator Kenneth Feinberg to withdraw from a keynote address Wednesday at a Chamber of Commerce group dedicated to eviscerating spill victims’ legal rights, and to fire Feinberg if he refuses. Washington, DC -- Consumer Watchdog asked President Obama to force BP...
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SANTA MONICA, CA — Google increased its spending on lobbying 11 percent over the previous year to $1.2 million in the third quarter demonstrating the Internet giant’s willingness to spend to shape federal policy, Consumer Watchdog said today. In the comparable quarter a year ago Google spent $1.08 million. A key to Google’s...
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State Insurance Commissioners to Vote Thursday, Send Recommendations to HHS Washington, DC – As the insurance industry lobbies state insurance commissioners in Orlando to weaken modest regulations on health insurance premiums, Consumer Watchdog’s leaders reiterated their call for President Obama to place a moratorium on premium...
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$2.655 Million To Date To Sacramento Political Committee That Doesn't Disclose Industry Funding In Ads Supporting Villines, Attacking Jones Santa Monica, CA - Insurance companies' addition of $1.365 million this weekend to their campaign to elect Mike Villines as insurance commissioner is consistent with Consumer Watchdog's expectation that the...
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Posted by Doug Heller
Consumer Watchdog has called on California's two large public employee pension funds -- CalPERS and CalSTRS -- to sell off their holdings in Valero Energy and Tesoro, the big oil refiners behind Prop 23.  The two companies have gouged California drivers for years.  Consumer Watchdog writes in a letter to the board members of the pension...