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CONTACT Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- The White House’s executive order today seeking to allow for more “Association Health Plans” could turn the clock back to days when patients faced unlimited medical bills even when they played by the rules, the nonprofit nonpartisan group Consumer Watchdog said today. Consumer Watchdog fought off previous...
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CONTACT Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA—Anthem is raising rates on 135,000 California consumers who buy individual polices 35 percent because California is one of the few states without the ability to say no to unjustified rate hikes. In 2014, Consumer Watchdog sponsored a ballot measure, Prop 45, that would have put health care insurers under the same system of...
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CONTACT Jerry Flanagan, Consumer Watchdog, and Edith Kallas, Whatley Kallas
SANTA MONICA, CA -- Under a recent settlement of two lawsuits, members of health plans issued by Aetna, Inc. and its subsidiary, Coventry Health Care, Inc., are no longer required to obtain their HIV/AIDS medications by mail-order and may obtain those medications at retail pharmacies.  The class action lawsuits alleged that Aetna and Coventry...
Carmen Balber, Executive Director and Healthcare Advocate at Consumer Watchdog, tells Randy Page of CBS news that the Senate Health Bill being pushed by Senate Republicans is a bad deal for working families.
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By Connor Finney
Late Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Health Committee voted decisively to move S.B. 562 to the floor of the Senate. The Healthy California Act would establish a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system in the state, ensuring that all Californians have access to affordable healthcare. The bill was proposed by Senator Toni Atkins and Senator Ricardo...
The GOP's proposed American Healthcare Act would drive up prices for the elderly, sick, and those with lower incomes says Consumer Watchdog.
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CONTACT Jerry Flanigan
  Santa Monica, CA – Consumers are just beginning to discover that Anthem eliminated coverage for out-of-network doctors ​now that the Affordable Care Act “Open Enrollment Period” to secure health coverage for 2017 ended on January 31. “Anthem broke the law and its promises to consumers by illegally eliminating...
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By Laura Antonini
Anthem Blue Cross delivered a blow to its California individual and family plan members at the start of the new year by stripping policies of out-of-network coverage. The worst part: most of these consumers don’t even know yet that they lost their out-of-network coverage for 2017. As of January 1, Anthem converted its 2016 PPO (Preferred...
Reporter Randy Paige talks with Consumer Watchdog's Jerry Flanagan about what consumers should know about the coming battle over changes with the Affordable Care Act.
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CONTACT Laura Antonini & Travis Corby
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer advocates announced a lawsuit today to block Anthem from terminating its individual PPO health plans in California currently scheduled for January 1, 2017. Anthem Blue Cross is claiming to ‘renew’ coverage for 2017 when in fact it is not adequately informing consumers that the new plans provide no...