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Fine Print Contains Hidden Penalties, Taxpayer Costs   Santa Monica, CA -- The billionaire chairman of Los Angeles-based Mercury Insurance Company is sponsoring a ballot measure that would legalize surcharges of hundreds of dollars for automobile insurance, penalize good drivers for accidents that are not their fault, and lead to more...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
Six small-state U.S. senators sitting around a table and munching chocolate-dipped potato chips are about to chop off the two pillars of health care reform that would most protect consumers. The three Republicans and three Democrats who are hashing out the Senate Finance Committee's health reform proposal are leaking the news that they won't...
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Senator Max Baucus, A Leading Architect of Health Care Reform, Received More Industry Contributions Than Any Other Congressional Candidate WASHINGTON, DC -- Health insurers and drug companies gave a combined $6.1 million to the top ten recipients in each house of Congress since 2005, according to a study released today by the non-profit Consumer...
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Posted by Mark Reback
Late last year, we lobbied the state's ethics agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), to adopt new rules aimed at preventing ballot measure committees controlled by elected officials from promoting the officials rather than the initiatives and referendums. This was in order to stop abuses like Governor Schwarzenegger's California...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
Vail Drilling - an oil company and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's largest donors - had to pay a $6,500 fine this week for failing to disclose a $500,000 contribution it made to the governator's campaign fund. The fine was announced by the state ethics board, responsible for overseeing the campaign laws, because the company was late reporting its...
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Sen. Max Baucus Must Publicly Answer 10 Questions About Mandatory Purchase of Health Insurance Washington D.C. -- For the second time in two weeks, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee today invoked rules—allowing a closed door committee session barring the public, media and with no Congressional Record—reserved for unusual circumstances...
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Auto, Home and Other Insurers Pushing Deregulation Proposal To Opt Out of State Rate Regulation, Consumer Protections Washington, D.C. -- Auto, home, business and life insurance companies contributed $35,743,017 million to members of Congress during the last two election cycles, according to an analysis released today by the nonprofit,...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
Stand up, don't sit down, There's a health care crisis in this town! That was one of the many chants from the crowd of nurses I marched to the Capitol building with this afternoon. They were in DC to rally for safe nurse to patient staffing ratios and affordable, quality health care for all.  Senator Max Baucus was the unintentional villain...
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Washington, D.C. -- President Obama and U.S. Senate health care reform leaders must not override state consumer protection laws as suggested by health insurers last week, a move long-supported by insurers and the Bush Administration said Consumer Watchdog in a letter to the president and senators.  The hard-fought state laws enacted in nearly...
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posted by Doug Heller
In recent years Floridians have seen the worst of the insurance industry.  From lousy hurricane claims handling to price gouging, dumping customers and defiance of state orders.  It got so bad with Allstate, that the company was barred from doing business by the state insurance commissioner for a time last year. So what does the state...