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Washington, D.C. --- Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner, House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank, and Financial Services Subcommittee Chair Paul Kanjorski today, arguing that legislation intended to undermine state insurance protections (H.R. 2609) is inconsistent with the re-regulatory promise of the...
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Small Businesses Hit with Double-Digit Increases Demand State Help; Governor Seeks Insurer Rate Reviews Santa Monica, CA -- The announcement today by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick that he will seek to regulate the cost of health insurance for small businesses raises a warning flag for national reforms, said Consumer Watchdog. The double-digit...
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Insurer- and Corporate-Demanded Clauses and Omissions Degrade Health Coverage, Block Insurer Accountability, Cut Employer Coverage  Santa Monica, CA -- The leading health reform proposal in the Senate contains numerous industry-demanded “time bombs” that will harm consumers in years to come, Consumer Watchdog said today. The...
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The White House and Congress should embrace "prior approval" regulation of health care rates in response to the health insurance industry's threat that costs will increase under a reform plan being considered by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee today. Consumer Watchdog, which pioneered the most successful insurance...
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Program Has Insured About 50,000 Californians at No Cost to Taxpayers   Santa Monica, CA -- Despite unanimous support from the State Assembly, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have extended California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program for low-income families.  AB 725 (Jones) received bipartisan support...
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Proposal Would Allow Treasury to Preempt State Capital Rules That Kept Insurance Policyholders Safe While Other Financial Firms Crashed Washington, D.C. -- Consumer Watchdog called on Congress to reject legislation allowing the Treasury Department to use international agreements to override state insurance laws, including those requiring insurers...
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posted by Doug Heller
UPDATE October 12, 2009.  As the LA Times reports, and defying logic, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill to extend California's Low-Cost Auto Insurance program through 2015.  Read more about the veto here. ------- If you live in California, please contact Governor Schwarzenegger and urge him to sign AB 725 (Jones), which would...
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Studies of Tough Regs in California Show Strong Benefit for Both Consumers and Casualty Insurers in Stable Market   Santa Monica, CA -- The defeat of the so-called public insurance option in the Senate Finance Committee’s version of health reform makes regulation of insurance premiums and copays even more critical, said Consumer...
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The consumer group that pioneered the most successful insurance premium regulation law in the nation, California's Proposition 103, today said only the extension of such "prior approval" regulation to health insurance can begin to make insurance affordable in the wake of double digit premium increases that have...
Posted by Barbara Bogaev
Our billboard in Los Angeles warning people not to trust Mercury Insurance (you can read why here) was torn down at Mercury’s insistence.  Read the hilarious LA Times column on "offensive" billboards. Now you can spread the message all over the universe, by entering our “YOU CAN’T TRUST MERCURY INSURANCE”...