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WASHINGTON, DC -- New data released today showing that premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose to $13,375 annually for family coverage means Congress must adopt health insurance premium regulation in health care reform, according to Consumer Watchdog. A new report released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation underscores the need...
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Billboard Giant Broke Contract with Consumer Watchdog After Insurance Executive Complained Santa Monica, CA -- CBS Outdoor must re-install Consumer Watchdog's billboard immediately and fulfill its contractual obligation, the consumer group demanded in a letter to the billboard company sent Wednesday.  The letter, from first amendment lawyer...
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Posted by Jamie Court
The most emailed story on the LA Times website right now is this Steve Lopez column, "It's Funny What Passes For Offensive," about how Mercury Insurance pressured CBS Outdoors to pull down Consumer Watchdog's billboard mid-contract but a few blocks away there remains a 10 story high Absolut Mango advertisement presenting a va-jay-jay....
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Consumer Group Releases Smoking Gun Documents, In Wake of Fires Warns Homeowners Insured By Mercury to Take Special Care Santa Monica, CA — A Los Angeles billboard warning consumers “You Can’t Trust Mercury Insurance” has been taken down by CBS Outdoor, after Mercury Insurance applied pressure to the billboard company....
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posted by Doug Heller
According to word on the street, Mercury Insurance has had to throw away the signatures they've been paying for for the last week or so.  Apparently, they mixed up the initiative that the Attorney General reviewed for circulation with a different version that did not receive an official title and summary from the AG.  While it's a costly...
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Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog’s Executive Director Douglas Heller issued the following statement about Insurance Commissioner Poizner’s announced suit to block the sale of State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) assets. “The Insurance Commissioner and Department of Insurance regulators play a vital role in protecting...
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Ever since California voters enacted the landmark insurance reform initiative, Proposition 103 in 1988, Mercury Insurance has led a series of efforts to remove its consumer protections. Mercury's push to chip away at Proposition 103 has been nearly constant since soon after the measure's passage.  Here is a timeline of the major anti-...
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Posted by Doug Heller
[Cross-posted at The Hill's Congress Blog.] In the worst economy in generations, California's 3rd largest auto insurer hopes to fool voters into allowing higher auto premiums. Mercury Insurance has written a state ballot initiative that would let companies penalize motorists who have had a lapse in insurance coverage for any reason, whether they...
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Mercury Launches Attack on Middle Class During Tough Economic Times   Santa Monica, CA -- The California Attorney General has released the official title and summary of a proposed ballot initiative that will allow insurance companies to raise rates when motorists who stopped driving for a time restart their coverage; when they file a claim,...
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Fine Print Contains Hidden Penalties, Taxpayer Costs   Santa Monica, CA -- The billionaire chairman of Los Angeles-based Mercury Insurance Company is sponsoring a ballot measure that would legalize surcharges of hundreds of dollars for automobile insurance, penalize good drivers for accidents that are not their fault, and lead to more...