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State's Largest Insurer More Profitable Than Ever Santa Monica, CA -- Physicians Insurance, Washington state's largest medical malpractice insurer, announced a 7.7% decrease in physicians' rates for 2005 and higher profits than the company has seen in a decade, despite the fact that the state has not passed the malpractice cap insurance companies...
News Release
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Despite Severe Limits on Victims' Rights, California Insurers Continue Push For Higher Doctors' Premiums Santa Monica, CA -- A new survey by the Rand Corporation found that the most significant impact of California's 29 year old medical malpractice caps law falls on patients and families who are severely injured or killed as a result of medical...
Blog Post
Jamie Court & Doug Heller
California's Gov is no friend of regulation, but it looks like Proposition 103-style insurance premium regulation may be the answer to legislative gridlock over workers' compensation reform. In auto insurance, Prop 103's system of premium regulation and price controls have saved California motorists over $23 billion. The fact that workers' comp...
News Release
CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber, 310-392-0522, x324
State Insurance Regulation, Not Caps, Successfully Lowered Malpractice Rates Santa Monica, CA -- Restrictions on medical malpractice victims' legal recovery, proposed today by President Bush to doctors in Arkansas who face skyrocketing malpractice premiums, will fail to lower physicians' rates nationally as they failed to lower rates in California...
For a detailed explanation of Proposition 103's provisions and their present status, read the following link: Background on Insurance Reform: A Detailed Analysis of Proposition 103 (All references are to the provisions of the original version of Proposition 103.) DESCRIPTION OF REFORM ACTION REQUIRED BY COMMISSIONER HISTORY & STATUS...