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Doug Heller
Arnold's past caught up with him last week when the LA Times revealed that the gov's business partners at American Media, Inc (AMI) had paid Arnold's alleged former mistress, Gigi Goyette, $20,000 to bar her from speaking publicly about their affair. American Media, which publishes National Enquirer, also paid a friend of Goyette $1,000 in cash to...
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Jerry Flanagan & David Fink
Since the beginning of his administration Arnold has filled his staff with big industry lobbyists and executives, but everyone knows that for any relationship to work there has to be some give and take. According to yesterday's Roundup the Gov's Deputy Chief of Staff, Cassandra Pye, is leaving the Administration to work for one of the...
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Analysis: Non-Voting a Factor in 2/3 of Failed Bills Santa Monica, CA -- A new award-winning study conducted by graduate students at the University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning and Development, found that "nonvoting" (when a politician intentionally leaves the room or simply stays silent when called upon to vote)...
Consumer Watchdog (FTCR)
David Horowitz, the former television reporter who took over $136,000 from California utility companies to defend electricity deregulation in 1998 as the "way to cut our electric bills," is back on television. This time, he's backing a $20 billion consumer and taxpayer bailout of the utilities' deregulation disaster that has forced...