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A judge is set to rule on whether State Farm Insurance must refund millions to consumers in California for overcharging them on homeowners and renters policies.
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By Harvey Rosenfield
I'm truly humbled. It was a big deal when, 25 years ago this month, you and other California voters joined with me to pass Proposition 103, the toughest auto insurance regulation in the nation. But I had no idea exactly how big. Today, in downtown Los Angeles, the Consumer Federation of America released the findings of a new report: Prop 103...
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Santa Monica, CA – A Sacramento Superior Court will hear arguments tomorrow on a lawsuit by Mercury Insurance Company billionaire George Joseph and his Prop 33 campaign to remove criticism of Prop 33 from the official ballot arguments and hide from voters the fact that Proposition 33 will allow insurance companies to surcharge California...
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Jamie Court
We’ve been sued by an insurance company billionaire.  He wants to stop the public from knowing how deceptive insurance-backed Proposition 33 really is. Help us fight back - donate to our legal defense today! We were just served with a lawsuit paid for by Mercury Insurance executive George Joseph, who has already spent $8 million on...
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Los Angeles, CA -- The California Secretary of State cleared the ballot petition that requires health insurance companies to get approval for rate hikes, and creates fairer insurance rating factors, for the random sample count of signature verification yesterday. County registrars reported enough “raw count” signatures to move the...
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By Laura Antonini
California drivers: have you heard of the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program? If you have a minimum liability auto insurance policy (15/30/15) and this doesn’t sound familiar, then your insurance agent or broker may have violated the law. California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program gives low-income motorists with good...
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Daniel Palay
Next week we will be turning in the signatures for our ballot petition to force health insurance companies to justify their rates and get permission before instituting their rate hikes. Download, sign and return in the mail by the end of the weekend to be part of the signature turn-in or forever hold your peace. This short video preview of the...
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By Daniel Palay
In just one week, ONE MILLION Californians will have their health care rates unceremoniously hiked by up to 20%.  For many of these Californians, this will represent the 2nd or 3rd hike in less than two years. With insurance companies turning record profits quarter in and quarter out, it's time to stand up and tell them that we are sick...
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By Laura Antonini
Everyone knows that insurance companies don’t like to pay claims when we get sick or injured, and long-term care insurance companies are no different. However, abuses including unjust denials of care are more disturbing when they harm the elderly and disabled. Consumer Watchdog is investigating problems with long-term care insurance,...
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By Doug Heller
If you're looking for a model plan to save money on health insurance premiums, Senator Dianne Feinstein joined Consumer Watchdog yesterday to release a new Consumer Watchdog report, Health Reform and Rate Regulation: Can't Have One Without The Other, showing how insurance company rate regulation is crucial to lowering rates. In...