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Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles Superior Court this morning granted a former Farmers Insurance customer, represented by Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys, the right to challenge portions of a $455 million settlement of a national class action lawsuit against Farmers Group, Inc. The case, known as Fogel v. Farmers Group, Inc., charges...
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Washington, DC– House Republicans are misrepresenting California’s experience with medical liability limits to argue for legislation, HR 5, that would take away the rights of patients injured by medical negligence. Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to the bill’s author, House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, today and called on...
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$2.655 Million To Date To Sacramento Political Committee That Doesn't Disclose Industry Funding In Ads Supporting Villines, Attacking Jones Santa Monica, CA - Insurance companies' addition of $1.365 million this weekend to their campaign to elect Mike Villines as insurance commissioner is consistent with Consumer Watchdog's expectation that the...
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Posted by Jamie Court
Death and taxes may be inevitable in life, but in politics what's inevitable is that you will have to face public opinion and the Constitution. President Obama is rightfully having to confront both over the worst flip-flop of his presidency: his endorsement of mandatory health insurance purchases. As the New York Times reports, courts are...
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$1.2 Million In Insurance Industry Donations In Past Two Weeks to Chamber PAC Running Ads Against Dave Jones Santa Monica, CA – For the second time in two weeks, insurance industry giants have made major contributions to a political action committee campaigning to defeat insurance commissioner candidate Dave Jones and elect Mike Villines,...
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Candidate Mike Villines Has Taken $66,950 From Insurance Companies Despite Pledge Not to Take Industry Cash Santa Monica, CA – Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph and Progressive Insurance have deposited three hundred fifteen thousand dollars in a political action committee that has begun an advertising campaign attacking insurance...
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Leno/Schwarzenegger Bill Uses Insurance Industry's Chosen Language For Evaluating Premium Hikes Santa Monica, CA – Health insurance companies pursuing rate hikes in California received a boost yesterday with the signing of SB 1163 by Senator Mark Leno (San Francisco).  The bill, amended in the final days of the 2010 legislative...
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Program Gives Lifeline In Tough Economy With No Taxpayer Cost Santa Monica, CA -- Governor Schwarzenegger has signed legislation, AB 1597 (authored by Assemblyman Dave Jones) to maintain California's innovative auto insurance program for low-income Californians with good driving records. The California Low Cost Auto Insurance program (CLCA),...
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Santa Monica, CA -- Some of the top Democratic recipients of health insurance cash teamed up with Republicans in the California state senate late Monday to block health insurance premium legislation authored by state Assembly Members Dave Jones and Mike Feuer. Overall health insurers have given $800,218 in campaign contributions to California...
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Actuarial Soundness” Defense Protects Insurers At Expense of Rate Regulation, Consumer Watchdog Says Los Angeles, CA -- Anthem Blue Cross’s defense of its recent controversial premium increases will be codified in law under eleventh hour legislation by San Francisco State Senator Mark Leno, SB 1163, just as the California legislature...