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Doug Heller & Jamie Court
In the workers' compensation reforms Arnold introduced today, insurance companies drew a "get-out-of-reform-free" card from the community chest. Arnold's proposal, known as AB 1, greatly reduces penalties against insurers that pay workers' benefits late and provides no regulation of the premiums workers' comp insurers charge businesses,...
Blog Post
Doug Heller
Day 2 of the Arnold Administration -- If we told you that the governor accepted a huge campaign contribution from the state's largest private workers' compensation insurer just before opening a special legislative session on workers' comp, you'd be sure that we accidentally got our wires crossed and were looking at some old story from the Gray...
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Consumer Groups Vow to Continue Fight to End Homeowner Insurers' Arbitrary, Inconsistent and Unfair Use of Credit History Sacramento, CA -- Legislation that would prohibit insurance companies from using a consumer's credit history to deny them homeowner's insurance coverage or to set rates was killed today by the Assembly Insurance Committee when...
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Property and Casualty Insurers Invested Too Heavily in Markets During Late 1990s Santa Monica-- Large liability insurance companies are demanding rate increases to offset massive investment losses, according to a new analysis of major insurance companies by the nonprofit Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR). The insurance industry...