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Jones/Feuer Legislation Addresses Blue Cross 39% Rate Increase, Would Require Insurers to Get "Prior Approval” Sacramento, CA – A crucially needed bill to control health insurance premiums through rate regulation passed its first test with majority approval today by the Health Committee of the California Assembly, after Consumer...
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Harvey Rosenfield to Mercury Insurance Chairman: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is Santa Monica, CA — The founder of Consumer Watchdog today challenged George Joseph, the founder and chair of Mercury Insurance, to show up to a legislative hearing in Sacramento to publicly defend his ballot initiative, Proposition 17. Prop 17, which would...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
The latest round of exorbitant health insurance rate increases nationally has helped more and more people recognize what Consumer Watchdog has been arguing for the last year: Congress cannot require all Americans to purchase insurance from the for-profit insurance industry without real oversight of what they charge ... Consumer Watchdog insurance...
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Washington, DC -- Harvey Rosenfield, author of California’s landmark insurance regulation Proposition 103—recognized as the most successful insurance regulation in the country—was joined today by people struggling to pay for health insurance in calling on President Obama and Congress to impose a national freeze on health...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
Yeah, you know the phrase: You've "jumped the shark" by doing something too monumentally stupid to be believed: Like when the Fonz, with leather jacket still affixed, water-skied over the man-eating shark in "Happy Days". Blue Cross's shark-jumper was its 39% health insurance premium hikes, as other prices flatlined or dropped...
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Mercury Insurance Initiative – Prop 17 – Will Legalize Unlawful Surcharges Uncovered by State Investigators Santa Monica, CA -- Newly released internal government reports show that Mercury Insurance Company, the sponsor of Proposition 17 on California's June ballot, has a history of discrimination against members of the U.S. military,...
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Consumer Watchdog Calls on Commissioner Poizner to Protect 230,000 California Homeowners from Safeco's Greed   Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog has asked the California Department of Insurance to reject the proposed 6.9%, or $13.3 million, homeowners insurance rate hike proposed by Safeco Insurance Company.  Safeco, which is...
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Consumer Watchdog, Dep't of Insurance Win Victory to Protect Prop 103, Save Policyholders Billions Santa Monica, CA – The California Court of Appeal has rejected an attempt by the insurance industry to cripple the right of the public, under Proposition 103, to scrutinize and challenge unjustified rate increases.  The Court agreed with...
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Campaign for Consumer Rights Warns Soldiers, Seniors and other Californians Would Be Penalized For Having a Lapse in Insurance Coverage, Even If They Weren't Driving (News Release by the Campaign for Consumer Rights) Santa Monica, CA — Auto Insurance giant Mercury Insurance is submitting signatures this week to place its deceptive...
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Consumer Watchdog Calls For Preserving State Authority, Ban on Annual Benefit Limits, & Effective Rate Regulation   WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Consumer Watchdog condemned the removal of the Medicare buy-in provision for those over 55 and the public option from the U.S. Senate health reform bill.  But the group said that the Senate must...