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CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber, (310) 392-0522, ext. 324
California Consumer Group Challenges Farmers' Attempt to Overcharge California Homeowners One-Quarter $Billion a Year Santa Monica, CA -- Farmers Insurance Company is seeking exemptions to state rules that could allow it to charge one million Californians almost $250 million extra per year for their Farmers homeowners insurance. Information...
News Release
CONTACT By Jerry Flanagan, 310-889-4912 (cell); or Carmen Balber, 310-403-0284 (cell)
Sacramento, CA -- The vast majority of people required to buy unsubsidized private health insurance under Massachusetts' mandatory purchase law have failed to do so, according to an updated analysis by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR). A California proposal modeled on the Massachusetts law, by Assembly Speaker Nú...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Doug Heller, 310-392-0522, x309
Allstate Insurance Company will not be allowed to hide trial exhibits that include the company's pay-out procedures for Hurricane Katrina claims thanks, in part, to efforts by Public Justice, a national public interest law firm headquartered in Washington DC, and the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (now Consumer...
Consumer Watchdog (FTCR)
David Horowitz, the former television reporter who took over $136,000 from California utility companies to defend electricity deregulation in 1998 as the "way to cut our electric bills," is back on television. This time, he's backing a $20 billion consumer and taxpayer bailout of the utilities' deregulation disaster that has forced...
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CONTACT Doug Heller - 310-392-0522 x309
Consumer Groups Vow to Continue Fight to End Homeowner Insurers' Arbitrary, Inconsistent and Unfair Use of Credit History Sacramento, CA -- Legislation that would prohibit insurance companies from using a consumer's credit history to deny them homeowner's insurance coverage or to set rates was killed today by the Assembly Insurance Committee when...
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CONTACT Jamie Court (310) 392-0522 x327
Call Made For Rule Changes So All Present Must Vote Or Not Be Paid Ignoring the pleas of a Health Net patient locked out of the court system by mandatory arbitration, a cabal of silent Democrats friendly to corporations joined with Republicans to put the interests of the HMO industry above those of patients. They refused to support, or to oppose,...