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Santa Monica, CA --- The California Department of Insurance announced today it has reduced medical malpractice insurance rates for 20,000 doctors insured by The Doctors Company by $21 million using the state’s prior approval rate regulation authority. The Department of Insurance has ordered the top six medical malpractice insurance...
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Los Angeles, CA -- The California Secretary of State cleared the ballot petition that requires health insurance companies to get approval for rate hikes, and creates fairer insurance rating factors, for the random sample count of signature verification yesterday. County registrars reported enough “raw count” signatures to move the...
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By Judy Dugan
Thursday's reports that some Californians will get rebates on their health insurance premiums are a little bit of good news--but not nearly as good as it could be. An L.A. Times story reports that California small businesses and their employees who are insured by United Health Group will get rebates averaging $98 on last year's premiums...
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Jamie Court
The long time CEO of Blue Shield Bruce Bodaken resigned today after a multi-year battle with us over disclosure of his $4.6 million annual salary and unreasonable premium hikes. During his tenure, Bodaken oversaw a health insurance company that has raised rates by tens of millions of dollars while stockpiling $3.2 billion more in “...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The announcement that Blue Shield CEO Bruce Bodaken will retire at the end of this year comes as insurance companies face the prospect of new rules to curb health insurance company excesses, said Consumer Watchdog. The group has sharply criticized Bodaken for keeping his CEO pay -- which reached $4.6 million in 2010 -- secret...
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Los Angeles, CA -- Patients who have suffered skyrocketing health insurance rates joined with the leaders of Consumer Watchdog Campaign to turn in more than 800,000 voter signatures for a ballot initiative requiring health insurance companies to open their books and justify rates, under penalty of perjury, before their rate increases take...
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Daniel Palay
Next week we will be turning in the signatures for our ballot petition to force health insurance companies to justify their rates and get permission before instituting their rate hikes. Download, sign and return in the mail by the end of the weekend to be part of the signature turn-in or forever hold your peace. This short video preview of the...
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By Carmen Balber
One million Californians will be slammed today with health insurance rate hikes as high as 20%. Consumer Watchdog Campaign has a solution. Watch this short, funny movie trailer about an alternative future with no rate hikes, and share it with your friends. Health insurance price hikes recur more often than Groundhog Day -- Spring, Summer...
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Santa Monica, CA --- Consumer Watchdog Campaign challenged the Blue Cross parent company CEO’s contention to shareholders yesterday that the California health insurance rate regulation initiative now circulating is not necessary because federal law adequately protects patients by pointing to the 1 million Californians facing rate hikes on...
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By Daniel Palay
In just one week, ONE MILLION Californians will have their health care rates unceremoniously hiked by up to 20%.  For many of these Californians, this will represent the 2nd or 3rd hike in less than two years. With insurance companies turning record profits quarter in and quarter out, it's time to stand up and tell them that we are sick...