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Chevron Data Shows Industry Lag in Producing New Oil from U.S. Source -- Lower Production Shows Failure of Investment, Not Lack of Oil, Says Watchdog   Santa Monica, CA -- Chevron Corp. reaped another record quarterly profit of $6 billion dollars, despite producing less oil than projected, and losing money on its refining of oil into gasoline...
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Exxon’s ‘Biggest Profit in the World’ Is Actually Bigger -- $8 Billion in Unproductive Share Buybacks Should be Counted, Says Group Shell, No. 2 Oil Co., Also Hits New Record, But Hoards Less   Santa Monica, CA -- ExxonMobil announced the biggest quarterly corporate profit in history today, despite producing less oil and...
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New Quarterly Records Show Oil Companies 'Spiting the Future For the Sake of Cash in Hand'   Santa Monica, CA -- BP, the third-largest of the major private oil companies, saw its profits leap by $2 billion in the 2nd quarter, at the expense of the staggering U.S. economy and consumers worldwide, said Consumer Watchdog. Its quarterly record $9...
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2nd Quarter Report Shows Industry Still Buying Its Own Stock, Not Investing Record Profits in New Oil or Renewables, Says Consumer Watchdog; Congress Must Act   Santa Monica, CA -- ConocoPhillips is the smallest of the Big Five Oil companies, but it made an enormous leap in revenues and profits in the 2nd quarter as the U.S. economy and...
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Report Shows How Oil Companies Shorted the Market and Made It Happen   Santa Monica, CA -- Oil companies put the brakes on the U.S. economy this spring by manipulating the supply of diesel fuel and spiking the price, according to a new study commissioned by Consumer Watchdog. The detailed report shows that oil companies and their refiners...
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New Legislation Aims at Taming Energy Markets; Consumer Watchdog Decries Likely Lack of Senate, White House Support Santa Monica, CA -- U.S. Gasoline prices and crude oil markets were stuck near record highs again Monday as Consumer Watchdog continued a campaign to have consumers send their gasoline bills to Congress to spur action.  ...
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Group Offers Drivers Opportunity to Send ‘Dose of Reality’ to Lawmakers and White House and Demand Action Now, Not Next Year   Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog, using an innovative Web-based form, today launched a nationwide campaign to help drivers get the attention of Washington’s elected officials, who rarely have to...
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Price Spike Follows Self-Serving Prediction of $150 a Barrel, Israeli Threat Against Iran; U.S. Government Must Speed Market Regulation Santa Monica, CA -- The price of crude oil jumped $11 a barrel on Friday to $138, mostly on the ginning up of news that has nothing to do with current supply and demand, said Consumer Watchdog. The spike followed...
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Government Must Speed Market Regulation, Says Consumer Watchdog; Group Calls for Stiffer Oil Trading Rules and Oversight of Refineries   Santa Monica, CA -- The national average price for gasoline rose another four cents this week to $3.97 a gallon for regular, even as oil prices stayed at about $8 a barrel below the top prices hit last month...
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Group Calls for FBI, Justice Department Participation, Public Support by Bush Santa Monica, CA -- The announcement that federal regulators are investigating possible price manipulation in oil futures markets is a welcome indication that the Bush administration accepts the possibility of manipulation in $130 oil prices, said Consumer Watchdog....