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Oil Prices Sag Yet Pump Keeps Zooming; Lack of Oversight Means ‘Double Whammy for Consumers’ and Economy This Summer, Says Group   Santa Monica, CA -- U.S. gasoline prices rose more than 33 cents a gallon to $3.937 in the last month despite driving cutbacks that have steadily reduced demand, said Consumer Watchdog. Oil prices...
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Consumer Groups Criticize Oil Industry Resistance to Fixing Hidden Charge at Pump That Costs U.S. Drivers Close to $3 Billion Yearly Washington, D.C. -- As Memorial Day kicks off the summer driving season and gas prices scrape and sometimes exceed $4 per gallon, U.S. auto and truck drivers are paying $3 billion a year in hidden charges at the pump...
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Consumer Watchdog Calls for Sales from Reserve, Warning to Refineries, Swift Action on Oil Trading Curbs   Santa Monica, CA -- The Energy Department’s announcement that it will cap taxpayer-funded additions to the federal Strategic Oil Reserve is a small first step, and a late one, said Consumer Watchdog. Even so, it is a symbolic move...
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State PUC Grants Oil Giant’s Water Company 89.7 Percent Rate Increase; Chevron Wanted 138 Percent Santa Monica, CA -- A decision today  by the California Public Utilities Commission to grant a whopping 89.7 percent water rate increase to a tiny water company owned by oil giant Chevron means three years of increasing fiscal agony for the...
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White House Scorns Action, Congress in Gridlock as Soaring Prices Push Inflation, Motorists Cry ‘Uncle’ Santa Monica, CA -- An 11-cent rise in gasoline prices in one week will put the reins on consumers who would like to spend their $300 to $600 federal tax incentive on something frivolous, like an extra sack of groceries or repairing...
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Consumer Watchdog has protested strings-attached grants from Big Oil to universities, including clauses that allow corporate control of patents and secret offices on campus. Oil companies took lessons from the agricultural industry's history at land-grant colleges, but the real corporate pioneers of this tactic were drug companies. Here, from the...
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Consumer Group Cites “Oil Profits Monster” database; Calls On President Bush, Congress To Act On Oil Prices Santa Monica, CA -- Chevron today posted record first-quarter profits of $5.17 billion while Californians struggled with soaring gas prices climbing over $4 a gallon. Consumer Watchdog condemned the company’s profiteering...
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Bush, Congress Avoid Real Solutions; Stance Is Inexcusable as Pump Price Soars, Says Consumer Group Santa Monica, CA — Record first-quarter profits, up a staggering 17 percent to $10.89 billion reported today by ExxonMobil, the world’s largest oil company, came as the result of crude oil profits driven by unregulated speculative...
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Government’s ‘Business as Usual’ Stance Is Inexcusable as Pump Price Soars, Says Consumer Group Santa Monica, CA -- The first-quarter record profits reported today by oil giants BP and Shell came almost entirely on crude oil profits driven by speculative trading, said Consumer Watchdog. Spiraling gasoline and diesel prices have...
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Analyst Predicts Over $4 a Gallon Nationally, Up To $5 in California Conoco Phillips’ CEO all but apologized for his company’s 1st quarter profits today, even though the $3.29 billion total was a record for the quarter, and the company’s profit on oil exploration and production alone reached an all-time quarterly high of $2.55...