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Analyst Predicts Over $4 a Gallon Nationally, Up To $5 in California Conoco Phillips’ CEO all but apologized for his company’s 1st quarter profits today, even though the $3.29 billion total was a record for the quarter, and the company’s profit on oil exploration and production alone reached an all-time quarterly high of $2.55...
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Consumers, Economy Are Buckling Under Gasoline and Diesel Price Records As Government Stays Mum The 16-cent national rise in gasoline prices over two weeks, to more than $3.50 a gallon on average, is busting family budgets and threatening a further downward spiral in the economy, said Consumer Watchdog. The price crisis is far worse than it was...
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Consumer Watchdog Renews Call for Bush to Stop Buying Oil for U.S. Reserve, Release Oil to Dampen Price Santa Monica, CA -- As oil prices topped $115 a barrel today on futures markets, President Bush continued his near-silence on the damage that energy inflation is doing to consumers and the economy, said Consumer Watchdog. The White House clings...
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Group Asks President to Deflate Oil Markets With Immediate Releases From Strategic Reserve   Santa Monica, CA -- As gasoline and diesel prices reached another daily record price today, Consumer Watchdog asked President Bush to release oil from the federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve with the explicit goal of deflating speculation in energy...
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Refineries’ Profit Surge Comes On Top of Record Profits Reaped From High Oil Prices; Group Asks, “Where’s the White House? Where’s Congress?” Santa Monica, CA -- At the accelerating rate of increase in pump prices, gasoline will soon cost over $4.00 a gallon in California and other high-priced states, said Consumer...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
Here's another story that casts a shadow on Governor Schwarzenegger's green sheen. Arnold got his first national attention as a green machine when he signed an executive order to create a "Hydrogen Highway" across California. The promise was to have hydrogen fueling stations up and down the state by 2010. The gov promoted his plan by...
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Group Calls for Passage of Stalled Renewable Energy Bill, Oversight of Trading Markets Gasoline pumps prices rose to yet another record today and over the weekend, both nationally and in at least 17 states (chart below). This unprecedented rise so early in the year signals more energy inflation and deeper consumer pain later in the spring, said...
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Doug Heller
For a generation, regulation has been a dirty word in politics unless it had the prefix "de-" attached to it.  I think the Wall Street Journal's story today is a sure sign that we're out of the woods and headed toward sensible oversight of corporate America (and its global tradng partners).   The Journal places the impetus...
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California's Record Pump Price is $3.634, Usual Leader Hawaii Drops to $3.62 -- Group Praises Hawaii Effort to Expose Profits Santa Monica, CA -- In a reversal of the usual gasoline price pattern, the isolated market of Hawaii now has cheaper gasoline than California, said the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. In addition, Hawaii's...
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Group Calls for Swift Action to Curb, Regulate Energy Speculators, 'Today's Enron Rogues' Santa Monica, CA -- Congress and President Bush must take joint action against the speculators who have driven oil and gasoline prices past all-time records, said, a project of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. Gasoline prices...