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CONTACT Liza Tucker & John Ennis
SANTA MONICA, CA — With Election Day rapidly approaching, a new animated short can help Californians make informed decisions when they vote on the seventeen statewide propositions on the ballot. Created by Consumer Watchdog as a non-partisan resource for easy sharing, “Who’s Behind the Props?” explains the ballot measures...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- Drug companies poured $22 million more into their campaign to stop drug pricing reform Proposition 61 after Wall Street began to query the companies about losing the election. For the first time, Proposition 61 was mentioned in an earnings call by a major drug company on October 18th. On the call, Goldman Sachs analyst Jami...
Protestors supporting Prop 61 on the November ballot in California spoke out against Mylan's greed by jacking up the price 500% on it's EpiPens and profiteering by a former Dean at USC.
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CONTACT Eddie Barrera
Santa Monica, CA – Gov. Jerry Brown has signed misguided legislation hiking the ballot initiative filing fee to $2,000 from $200 that will do nothing to stop frivolous initiatives but will undermine the public’s right to direct democracy, Consumer Watchdog said today.   Prompted by an unconscionable initiative, which was later...
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CONTACT Eddie Barrera
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog said today it was disappointed that the California Senate passed AB 1100, by Evan Low, D-Campbell, and Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, and decided that hiking the ballot initiative filing fee to $2,000 from $200 was more important than protecting the public’s right to direct democracy. Prompted by an...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
SANTA MONICA, CA – The California medical insurance industry has committed $110 million to three November 2014 ballot initiative campaigns, half of the amount it gave to ballot initiatives during the entire previous decade and over one-third of the industry’s total political giving on California campaigns. The initiative contributions...
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CONTACT Bob Pack, Jamie Court and Carmen Balber
Danville, CA – Bob Pack today wrote Dr. Paul Phinney, head of the California Medical Association, with hard words over Phinney’s refusal to acknowledge his family’s suffering and that of other medical negligence victims in his public response to Pack’s ballot measure, “The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act....
Legal Update
By Laura Antonini
Mercury Insurance – the company that California regulators say “has a deserved reputation for abusing its customers and intentionally violating the law with arrogance and indifference” – is infamous for playing every angle in its effort to avoid accountability for cheating its customers. Mercury has spent tens of millions...
By Daniel Palay
Election Day is now just days away. As a public service, we are sending you the positions of the major newspaper editorial boards on all the California ballot measures. Consumer Watchdog does not endorse these editorial positions. We are simply offering them to you, along with links to the original editorials, so that you can do your own research...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Data released today by the Secretary of State shows a ballot measure to require health insurance companies to publicly justify rate increases should have been on the ballot this November, but was unnecessarily delayed to 2014 due to a flawed signature verification process, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign. The measure...