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Investigation Responds to Consumer Watchdog’s Complaint That Núñez Used Nonprofit to Illegally Fundraise and Pay for Political Events Santa Monica, CA -- The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has opened a formal investigation into questionable fundraising by Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez through a...
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posted by Carmen Balber
Sometimes I have to shake my head in amazement at the audacity of things that politicians do. No, not good old Client 9 - that one wasn't so shocking. But here's what the LA Times revealed yesterday: The California Senate offers special interests that give money to its charity the opportunity to travel with state lawmakers to Rio de Janeiro,...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
The Capitol Morning Report notes thirteen fundraisers are scheduled for tomorrow, a number that someone must have considered an unlucky omen until Sen. Tom McClintock was kind enough to cancel his event. The most exciting on the roster would have to be $2000 a head box seats for tomorrow's Kings/Lakers game, but I'd rather be a fly on the wall at...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber (310) 392-0522, ext. 324, or Doug Heller, ext. 309
Núñez Used Nonprofit to Fundraise and Pay for Events Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer advocates called for an investigation into questionable fundraising by Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez in a complaint letter filed with the state ethics board. Speaker Núñez used a suspended nonprofit organization to funnel*...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber, (310) 392-0522, ext. 324
Ethics Board Proposes Travel, Meal Disclosures to Close Spending Loophole Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer advocates applauded the state ethics board for moving forward today with requirements that politicians justify their use of campaign funds for overseas travel, meals and other expenditures that benefit them personally. The nonprofit Foundation...
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Carmen Balber
Arnold held a cocktail and dinner reception at his Brentwood estate on Wednesday for his top donors, all of whom paid $100,000 to $250,000 for the honor. These are the folks who, according to the invitation, will "be included in regular conference calls with the Governor and leading and well-known Californians from the public and private...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber, 310-392-0522 ext. 324
Assembly Speaker Carried Cable Deregulation Bill for AT&T As Company Raised Money For Party Santa Monica, CA -- Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez should immediately return a $4 million check he received on Election Day from the California Democratic Party, said a letter sent to Núñez by the Foundation for Taxpayer and...
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Judy Dugan & Jamie Court
The last time Arnold visited the Beverly Hilton Hotel, it was to declare defeat on all of his ballot initiatives in last November's special election. On Monday he'll return to the hotel to inaugurate his $120 million-plus gubernatorial reelection fund-raising campaign with none other than sometime campaign finance reformer Sen. John McCain (R-...
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Carmen Balber
This letter was sent to Arnold today calling on him to impose a moratorium on fundraising from any construction and development industry interests that might benefit from his proposed infrastructure bonds. February 16, 2006 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State Capitol Sacramento, California 95814 Dear Governor: The Los Angeles Times reports...
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Jamie Court
Giving your biggest donors access to your chief of staff (as the LA Times reports today) in special briefings when the laws forbid fundraising and policy to be mentioned in the same breath. Asking developers that have contributed millions to you in campaign cash to host fundraising meetings to discuss a $222 billion bond plan that will be a huge...