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Posted by John M. Simpson
I don't know which was worse: Repeatedly being told "we realize your time is important" as I waited for a live agent or the regular recycling of messages touting the very services I had already purchased and was calling about. I was trapped this morning in Verizon's customer service hell on hold more often than not as I was bounced from...
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AT&T's Ban on Class Actions is Unlawful, Customers Argue Santa Monica, CA -- Cell phone customers who sued AT&T and Cingular over abuses in the companies’ 2004 merger are asking a federal court in Seattle to protect their rights and give them their day in court. In papers filed late last Friday, lawyers representing potentially...
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Assembly Speaker Carried Cable Deregulation Bill for AT&T As Company Raised Money For Party Santa Monica, CA -- Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez should immediately return a $4 million check he received on Election Day from the California Democratic Party, said a letter sent to Núñez by the Foundation for Taxpayer and...
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Doug Heller
Arnold's new Chief of Staff, Susan Kennedy, was still working as a Public Utilities Commissioner when she was secretly paid $25,000 by the Gov's re-election committee, as the LA Times reported yesterday. What has not been reported is where that $25K came from (more on that below) and why Kennedy should resign. Kennedy's last major vote at the PUC...
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Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
The Gov's announcement today that Susan Kennedy, Gray Davis's Cabinet Secretary, will be his chief of staff is all too consistent with the Schwarzenegger agenda of turning the keys of state over to Big Business. Kennedy may be a Democrat, but she's no friend of the people. At the Public Utilities Commission, at the behest of telecom companies, she...
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Court Says FTCR Can't Sue Cell Phone Company Under New Ballot Measure Los Angeles, CA -- Nextel used a 2004 ballot measure that voters were told would stop "shakedown" lawsuits to get a lawsuit charging the cell phone company with unfair billing practices thrown out of court today. The case was brought against Nextel in 2003 by the...
If you have an active fax machine, you've probably received annoying ads that you didn't ask for. Like junk mail and spam e-mail, "junk faxes" are another way businesses waste our time and invade our privacy at home and the office. Some of the problems created by "junk faxing" include: Blocked Communication. All fax machine owners can have...
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Jamie Court & Doug Heller
The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved yesterday a Cell Phone Bill of Rights that includes simple steps for transparency in cell phone bills and the right to cancel a new contract within thirty days or when the phone company increases rates. Consumer groups responded with disappointment about the narrow scope of the changes....
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Doug Heller
  Arnold has been asked to intervene on behalf of the telecommunications industry to block a much anticipated and long-awaited cell phone consumers bill of rights that is in its final stage at the Public Utilities Commission this month. Arnold, who has received more than $100K from the cell phone industry including $5K this week from Verizon...
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Doug Heller
In Arnold's Christmas stocking was a $10,000 gift from cell phone giant Cingular. This added to the quarter million in campaign contributions that the Guv has already received from the communications industry, including max-out contributions from other telecom powerhouses such as SBC and Nextel. Four days after receiving the Cingular contribution...