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Posted by John M. Simpson
I stumbled across a delightful article in The New York Times this morning: "Citing Ethics, Some Doctors Are Rejecting Industry Pay." Here's how reporter Gina Kolata described the trend: "With little fanfare, a small number of prominent academic scientists have made a decision that was until recently all but unheard of. They...
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posted by Jamie Court
Can Dennis Quaid's fight to make sense of his twin babies' harrowing ordeal at Cedars Sinai change the face of medicine? I'm betting on Quaid and his family's new foundation. Quaid's appearance on the Today Show aired a straight-forward issue that has become unnecessarily overly-complicated on Capitol Hill, in state houses and in the media. The...
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Today's news stories on identifying the apparently deadly fake heparin that adulterated a major U.S. brand of the blood thinner brought back memories: All those dire warnings from the Bush administration about the illegality and danger of buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. Here's Tommy Thompson, former head of HHS, in 2004: "The...
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No, we don't mean marijuana on the street, but the brand-name drugs that are so profitable to the pharmaceutical industry. We found out today that an SEIU local is promoting Lipitor, the cholesterol drug, to doctors in its health plan. We'd like readers' help to find out how widespread this practice is, in either union or employer health plans....
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Posted by Jerry Flanagan
Senator Calderon's response in the Whittier Daily News to our requested amendments to SB 1096 says it all. We said that consumers must be asked and agree before their private medical records, including what prescription drugs they take, are traded, sold, shared or transferred. Calderon's response: "It would make the bill meaningless. It's...
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CONTACT By John M. Simpson, 310-392-1902 (cell)
SANTA MONICA, CA -- The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) today welcomed the introduction of a bill in the California Senate intended to reform the state stem cell agency. The bill, SB 1565, was introduced by Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-23) and Sen. George Runner (R-17) and seeks to ensure California's neediest residents will have access...
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Carmen Balber
Governor Schwarzenegger's Top Ten Donors: 1. A.G. Spanos Family - $2,114,700 2. William A. Robinson - $1,650,000 3. Henry Nicholas/ NS Holdings - $1,500,000 4. Ameriquest Capital Corporation/ Roland & Dawn Arnall - $1,491, 392 5. Public Storage Inc./ B. Ray Hughes - $1,000,000 6. Jerry Perenchio/ Chartwell Partners - $792,400 7. The New...
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Jamie Court & Doug Heller
Drug companies pay $337,000 to Arnold's Committees. Arnold vetoes four bills for cheaper prescription drugs. The auto industry gives the leading man $1 million. Arnold vetoes a greatly stripped down car buyers' bill of rights. Big business ponies up the lion's share of the $30 million financing for "The Governator." Arnold vetoes...
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Jamie Court
Arnold's $350,000 trip to the GOP convention in New York is being paid for in part by the pharmaceutical industry, including Abbot Labs, Amgen and Pfizer. Yesterday, a group of 20 seniors from California who can't afford their prescription drugs arrived in Vancouver, Canada on a chartered train dubbed the Rx Express. There the Californians...
Jerry Flanagan
FTCR organized two three-day "Rx Express" train trips to Canada promoting prescription drug bulk purchasing which resulted in 300 television appearances with a cumulative Nielsen audience of 65 million viewers, as well as 60 newspaper articles and more than 100 radio interviews. Watch a short documentary about the experiences of the Rx...