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Cross-posted from California Department of Insurance: Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today announced a substantial decrease in homeowner insurance rates by USAA. The recent approval of the company's rate filing reduces rates for most of its California policyholders by an average of 14.9 percent. "Today, I am pleased to...
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Santa Monica, CA -- Allstate Insurance has agreed to stop selling its aggressively marketed "Your Choice Auto" (YCA) insurance program in California, in response to a challenge brought by the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog.  As of today, Allstate will no longer issue new YCA policies, which Consumer Watchdog considers deceptive and...
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By Doug Heller
After a $5 million campaign by insurance companies to defeat him, Dave Jones has been sworn in as California's fourth elected Insurance Commissioner.  I was at the inauguration in Sacramento and these are my notes... Interestingly, if not surprisingly, the insurance industry that spent all that money attacking Jones is here in full...
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Santa Monica, CA –  Mercury Insurance’s approximately $72 million rate cut for California drivers today comes despite the company’s original plan to hike premiums.  The price cut is the result of the California Department of Insurance’s refusal to allow Mercury Insurance to raise rates by approximately $32...
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By Doug Heller
As the Daily Journal reports today: Battle lines are being drawn between consumer activists and the California Department of Insurance on one side and the insurance industry on the other concerning a state appellate court decision whose opponents say immunizes insurers for using illegal underwriting criteria to determine rates. On...
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$2.655 Million To Date To Sacramento Political Committee That Doesn't Disclose Industry Funding In Ads Supporting Villines, Attacking Jones Santa Monica, CA - Insurance companies' addition of $1.365 million this weekend to their campaign to elect Mike Villines as insurance commissioner is consistent with Consumer Watchdog's expectation that the...
Legal Update
In November of 2009, Hartford Insurance submitted an application for a 6.9% rate increase to the California Department of Insurance. Consumer Watchdog intervened, pointing out numerous problems with the requested rate to the state. After a year-long process, the Commissioner issued his approval today. Instead of a 6.9% increase, the Commissioner...
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Posted by Todd Foreman
In August 2008, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company submitted applications to the California Department of Insurance for a rate increase of 4% and revisions to its auto rating factor plan (that’s the plan an insurer uses to distribute rates among its different policyholders, for example, charging less to someone who drives 5,000 miles versus...
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Stunning Upset in $16 Million Campaign to Scam California Drivers   Santa Monica, CA - Ignoring a deceptive $16 million campaign by Mercury Insurance Company, California voters rejected a ballot measure that would have amended 1988 insurance reform Proposition 103 to allow insurance companies to impose surcharges on motorists who were not...
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Desperate Mercury Insurance Dumps Another Million into $16 Million Campaign and Distributes Last Minute Mailer from Phony “Consumer Coalition” Santa Monica, CA — Facing a surge of voter opposition in the last few days of its campaign for Proposition 17, sponsor Mercury Insurance injected another $1 million dollars into its...