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Posted by Jamie Court
During my two decades battling in California's ballot initiative process never before have large corporations been poised to gain so much so cleverly as in next Tuesday's election. Industries have long tried to lard ballots with outright power grabs and voters have sent them packing. What Tuesday's ballot represents is new stealth strikes by...
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Mercury Asking Dep’t of Insurance for $32 Million Rate Hike On Its Car Insurance Policyholders; Company Would Recoup All Its Money From $10 Million Prop 17 Campaign If Rate Hike is Approved Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance, the sponsor of Prop 17, is pushing regulators to allow a $32 million rate increase for California drivers insured...
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3rd Largest Auto Insurer Doesn’t Plan On Telling Customers They Could Face Price Hikes Santa Monica, CA –A letter Mercury Insurance Company apparently intends to send to its policyholders this week urging them to support Proposition 17 fails to disclose that its customers could be forced to pay enormous surcharges if the initiative...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The California Department of Insurance (CDI) today said that Mercury Insurance Company, the sponsor of Proposition 17, has overcharged and discriminated against California customers for over fifteen years, including failing to deliver discounts required by state law and imposing unlawful surcharges. Consumer advocates said that...
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Harvey Rosenfield to Mercury Insurance Chairman: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is Santa Monica, CA — The founder of Consumer Watchdog today challenged George Joseph, the founder and chair of Mercury Insurance, to show up to a legislative hearing in Sacramento to publicly defend his ballot initiative, Proposition 17. Prop 17, which would...
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Posted by Jamie Court
Kevin Sack hits it right on the head in today's New York Times with his story about how Anthem's 39% premium increase in California embodies the need for health care reform, just as my colleague Dugan did last week when she talked about how Anthem had "jumped the shark." Some of my colleagues at Consumer Watchdog spent the weekend...
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Mercury Insurance Initiative – Prop 17 – Will Legalize Unlawful Surcharges Uncovered by State Investigators Santa Monica, CA -- Newly released internal government reports show that Mercury Insurance Company, the sponsor of Proposition 17 on California's June ballot, has a history of discrimination against members of the U.S. military,...
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Posted by Doug Heller
In case all those ads about how great insurance companies are was starting to make you feel all fuzzy inside, Carla Marinucci at the San Francisco Chronicle just posted a revealing and disturbing look into the widespread discrimination at California's 3rd largest auto insurer, Mercury Insurance.  In the story, she writes: A high-profile...
Consumer Watchdog
Internal reports prepared by California Department of Insurance (CDI) investigators show that Mercury Insurance Company used a variety of internal company rules – many unwritten – to overcharge or refuse to sell insurance to many Californians it deemed "unacceptable," including Americans serving in the military, small...
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Consumer Watchdog Calls on Commissioner Poizner to Protect 230,000 California Homeowners from Safeco's Greed   Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog has asked the California Department of Insurance to reject the proposed 6.9%, or $13.3 million, homeowners insurance rate hike proposed by Safeco Insurance Company.  Safeco, which is...