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AT&T's Ban on Class Actions is Unlawful, Customers Argue Santa Monica, CA -- Cell phone customers who sued AT&T and Cingular over abuses in the companies’ 2004 merger are asking a federal court in Seattle to protect their rights and give them their day in court. In papers filed late last Friday, lawyers representing potentially...
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The state board charged with protecting Californians from bad doctors is doing too little, too late. Complaints about physician mistakes and misconduct are taking almost three years (934 days) to investigate and prosecute, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times today, leaving dangerous doctors to practice while patients are unaware there...
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Consumer Group, Dep't of Insurance Win Victory to Protect Prop 103, Save Policyholders Billions Santa Monica, CA -- Amendments to California insurance regulations implementing voter-approved Proposition 103's requirement that insurance companies pay the costs of rate hike challenges brought by consumers were upheld by the Los Angeles Superior...
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Intel-Backed Ballot Measure Would Limit Class Action Lawsuits to End Racial and Other Discrimination Santa Monica, CA -- More than a dozen civil rights leaders including Connie Rice with the Advancement Project, SCLC's Reverend Eric Lee, Stewart Kwoh at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Eva Paterson of the Equal Justice Society called on...
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Dana Stinson - Seal Beach, CA At the peak of her nursing career, Dana Stinson was permanently disabled by a disastrous surgery and the doctor's subsequent attempt to cover up her mistakes. Now, Dana will never care for another patient. Dana went in for her yearly OB/GYN visit in 2002. Her doctor discovered abnormal growths in her uterus and...
Carmen Balber
Medical malpractice insurance companies have made an art form out of deflecting responsibility for doctors' high insurance rates. The insurers claim, in the court of public opinion, that if patients' legal rights are limited - typically with a cap on noneconomic damages in malpractice lawsuits - then doctors' premiums will drop......
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Court Says FTCR Can't Sue Cell Phone Company Under New Ballot Measure Los Angeles, CA -- Nextel used a 2004 ballot measure that voters were told would stop "shakedown" lawsuits to get a lawsuit charging the cell phone company with unfair billing practices thrown out of court today. The case was brought against Nextel in 2003 by the...
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Despite Severe Limits on Victims' Rights, California Insurers Continue Push For Higher Doctors' Premiums Santa Monica, CA -- A new survey by the Rand Corporation found that the most significant impact of California's 29 year old medical malpractice caps law falls on patients and families who are severely injured or killed as a result of medical...
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Call Made For Rule Changes So All Present Must Vote Or Not Be Paid Ignoring the pleas of a Health Net patient locked out of the court system by mandatory arbitration, a cabal of silent Democrats friendly to corporations joined with Republicans to put the interests of the HMO industry above those of patients. They refused to support, or to oppose,...