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Legal Update
By Laura Antonini
On March 19, 2014, the California Court of Appeal will hold a hearing on DIRECTV’s attempt to force its customers who were wrongly charged early cancellation penalties to bring claims individually before private arbitrators rather than proceed in court as a class action. The class action lawsuit, brought by Consumer Watchdog’s...
Legal Update
By Pam Pressley
Our Legal Team had a busy week last week, with two big auto insurance rate victories and significant steps forward in our legal cases against insurance company abuses.  Here are some highlights of our accomplishments just this past week: 1) Slashed Farmers' requested auto rate increase in half from 6.9% to 3.5%   2) Lowered So...
Legal Update
Jerry Flanagan
Today Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik takes a hard look at a proposed settlement in a lawsuit against Farmers Insurance opposed by Consumer Watchdog.  According to Hiltzik, under the settlement, Farmers would likely keep the lion's share of a $455 million settlement fund intended for consumers while lawyers for the plaintiff...
Blog Post
By John M. Simpson
It took a lawsuit from Rosetta Stone, the language software company, and a Congressional hearing, but Google apparently has finally been embarrassed into taking responsibility for policing some shady ads on its search engine site. This week Kent Walker, Google Senior Vice President and General Counsel, announced that the Internet giant would...
Legal Update
By Jerry Flanagan
There were twenty-five lawyers in gray suits waiting in a Los Angeles Superior Court courtroom yesterday afternoon when I walked in to try to make sure that $455 million in class action settlement funds go to the Farmers policyholders who are entitled to the money, instead of being kept by the insurance company. Harvey Rosenfield said he hadn...
News Release
CONTACT Doug Heller
Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles Superior Court this morning granted a former Farmers Insurance customer, represented by Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys, the right to challenge portions of a $455 million settlement of a national class action lawsuit against Farmers Group, Inc. The case, known as Fogel v. Farmers Group, Inc., charges...
News Release
CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog issued the following statement regarding today's announcement of a lawsuit and settlement agreement between the California Attorney General and DIRECTV:   "The lawsuit and settlement agreement announced today by the California Attorney General and DIRECTV – apparently one of a...
Blog Post
By Consumer Watchdog
Today's LA Times has prominently featured the story of Dana Christensen, a Consumer Watchdog hero, in an article documenting a new lawsuit brought by the Los Angeles's City Attorney against a health insurance company, HealthMarkets Inc., notorious for selling "junk insurance" to consumers. (Photo Credit: Al Seib, Los Angeles...
News Release
CONTACT CONTACT: John M. Simpson, 310-292-1902; or 202-629-3064
Consumer Watchdog Will Give ‘Inside Google’ Report To Antitrust Officials WASHINGTON, DC --  Google has been using its dominant position in online search to muscle its way into other Internet businesses, ultimately limiting consumer choice, Consumer Watchdog said today in a report written for its new Inside Google website. The...
News Release
CONTACT CONTACT: Naomi Seligman, 310-392-0522, ext. 318, or Harvey Rosenfield, ext. 303
Santa Monica, CA -- The California Department of Insurance (CDI) today said that Mercury Insurance Company, the sponsor of Proposition 17, has overcharged and discriminated against California customers for over fifteen years, including failing to deliver discounts required by state law and imposing unlawful surcharges. Consumer advocates said that...