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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Consumer Watchdog joined with the parents of a 17 year-old who died after her health insurer, CIGNA, denied a liver transplant to call on Congress to close the legal loophole that bars her family and 132 million Americans from having their day in court.  The lack of accountability allows health insurers to deny access to...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Jerry Flanagan, 310-889-4912; or Scott Glovsky, 626-243-5598
Santa Monica, CA -- A trial beginning next week targeting the nation's largest health insurer and its California subsidiary for allegedly automatically denying requests for out-of-network liver transplants will help shed light on the need for stronger health reform than is currently being considered, according to Consumer Watchdog.  The group...
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CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield & Pamela Pressley
Satellite TV Company Charged Unlawful “Early Cancellation” Santa Monica, CA — Consumers who are being charged an “early cancellation penalty” by satellite television company DIRECTV asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to block the company from automatically removing the fees from customers’ bank accounts or...
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WASHINGTON, DC --  Any plan offered by Google meant to overcome objections to the proposed Google Books settlement must include a “binding agreement with the full force of law,” Consumer Watchdog told the U.S. Justice Department today. Justice has until Friday to file its position on the books settlement with the court. In a...
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Billboard Giant Broke Contract with Consumer Watchdog After Insurance Executive Complained Santa Monica, CA -- CBS Outdoor must re-install Consumer Watchdog's billboard immediately and fulfill its contractual obligation, the consumer group demanded in a letter to the billboard company sent Wednesday.  The letter, from first amendment lawyer...
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Consumer Group Releases Smoking Gun Documents, In Wake of Fires Warns Homeowners Insured By Mercury to Take Special Care Santa Monica, CA — A Los Angeles billboard warning consumers “You Can’t Trust Mercury Insurance” has been taken down by CBS Outdoor, after Mercury Insurance applied pressure to the billboard company....
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Posted by Carmen Balber
You may remember the Civil Justice Association of California from decades of attacks on consumer rights such as Proposition 64, the ballot initiative that let companies off the hook under California's unfair competition law for any harm that is not measured in dollars, like loss of health, environmental damage or consumer deception. Companies used...
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Fine Print Contains Hidden Penalties, Taxpayer Costs   Santa Monica, CA -- The billionaire chairman of Los Angeles-based Mercury Insurance Company is sponsoring a ballot measure that would legalize surcharges of hundreds of dollars for automobile insurance, penalize good drivers for accidents that are not their fault, and lead to more...
Harvey Rosenfield
Apple introduced the slim, first-generation iPod Nano in 2005 to much fanfare, with Apple's CEO Steve Jobs pulling the gadget out of his pocket. Unfortunately for many consumers, the product quickly developed cracks and streaks in the screen as well as severe scratching that rendered the device unsightly and unreadable. Complaints about the...
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Posted by John M. Simpson
What do you do if you're a gargantuan Internet company that's come under increased scrutiny, despite your "Don't-be-evil" mantra?  Send in the lobbyists. That's Google's solution. In the second quarter the company spent $950,000 lobbying lawmakers, regulators and the White House on issues ranging from cloud computing to copyright,...