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Satellite TV Company Charges Unlawful "Early Cancellation" Fee, Consumer Advocates Contend   Santa Monica, CA -- A class action lawsuit charging that DIRECTV, the satellite entertainment company, imposes unlawful early cancellation fees of up to $480, often taking the money directly out of a consumer’s credit card or bank...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The mother of an autistic child joined Consumer Watchdog and its attorneys today to announce a lawsuit against the California Department of Managed Health Care (“DMHC”), the Schwarzenegger Administration agency responsible for regulating many of California’s health insurers.  The suit alleges that the...
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Court Rejects AT&T's Efforts to Bar Customers from Joining Together to Hold the Company Accountable in Court   Santa Monica, CA -- A class action lawsuit charging that millions of cell phone users were misled and overcharged when Cingular merged with AT&T Wireless in 2004 may go forward, a federal court ruled on Tuesday.   In a...
By Pam Pressley & Harvey Rosenfield
In re Tobacco II Cases, ___ Cal.4th ___ (May 18, 2009) In a 4-3 decision, the California Supreme Court today reversed a lower court ruling in a false advertising class action pending for more than a decade against the tobacco companies that would have severely restricted consumers’ ability to bring lawsuits under the state’s Unfair...
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Posted by Pam Pressley
The corporate attack on California consumer protection laws suffered a setback today. The California Supreme Court rejected the tobacco industry’s attempt to gut consumers’ ability to bring class actions under one of the state’s consumer protection laws (known as the Unfair Competition Law or “UCL”). The case stems...
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Posted by Jamie Court
Here's the latest from the Associated Press about a new California Supreme Court case allowing a false advertising case against the tobacco industry to proceed and clarifying guidelines for future cases: The California Supreme Court has revived a class action lawsuit against the tobacco industry alleging its advertisements misled consumers into...
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Washington, DC -- Consumer Watchdog has sent to the U.S. Justice Department a Google document presenting the best corporate arguments for why Google should not be viewed as monopolistic, along with a duplicate of the presentation marked up with comments from an expert countering the claims.  The nonprofit consumer group received both...
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Kaiser, Blue Cross and Other Health Insurers Illegally Deny Treatment to Autistic Children, Says Consumer Watchdog   Santa Monica, CA -- Parents of autistic children and their families joined Consumer Watchdog today in warning California regulators not to side with health insurance companies that are scheming to avoid paying for autism...
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Groups Want Reversal On Ruling That Companies Can Continue Illegal Practices Until Someone Gets Hurt   Santa Monica, CA -- In an extraordinary request made late yesterday, eight public interest organizations asked the California Supreme Court to scrap its recent decision barring consumers from going to court to block unlawful terms in a...
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Santa Monica, CA -- California drivers with Explorer auto insurance coverage will save $8.3 million per year under an order issued this week by Insurance Commissioner Poizner that requires the company to lower its premiums by 15%. The rate decrease must take effect by December 12, 2008.   Explorer had requested a 17.7% increase in the rate...