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Allstate Insurance Company will not be allowed to hide trial exhibits that include the company's pay-out procedures for Hurricane Katrina claims thanks, in part, to efforts by Public Justice, a national public interest law firm headquartered in Washington DC, and the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (now Consumer...
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Jamie Court
Arnold's contempt for Californians may soon have an official sanction. Today Sacramento Superior Court Judge Judy Hersher ordered the Gov and top officials to appear in court August 17th to explain why they should not be held in contempt of court for willfully violating an order requiring implementation of safe hospital staffing rules. Following...
News Release
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Court Says FTCR Can't Sue Cell Phone Company Under New Ballot Measure Los Angeles, CA -- Nextel used a 2004 ballot measure that voters were told would stop "shakedown" lawsuits to get a lawsuit charging the cell phone company with unfair billing practices thrown out of court today. The case was brought against Nextel in 2003 by the...
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Jerry Flanagan & Doug Heller
Last December, Arnold shamelessly bragged that he was kicking nurses' butts in Sacramento after he threw out patient protection rules guaranteeing that hospitals have enough nurses on duty. But a tentative court ruling today canned the governor's order, saving the butts of countless California patients. The result was predictable given the...