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By Consumer Watchdog
Today's LA Times has prominently featured the story of Dana Christensen, a Consumer Watchdog hero, in an article documenting a new lawsuit brought by the Los Angeles's City Attorney against a health insurance company, HealthMarkets Inc., notorious for selling "junk insurance" to consumers. (Photo Credit: Al Seib, Los Angeles...
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Posted by Jamie Court
This morning I ventured into the Tea Party's den at Fox National News to talk about our Times Square Superscreen advertisement, which calls the question: "Are You Mad As Hell But Think The Tea Party Is Insane?" Fox viewers have been following up with emails and calls about the anchor's inquiries regarding Consumer Watchdog's funding,...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The California Department of Insurance (CDI) today said that Mercury Insurance Company, the sponsor of Proposition 17, has overcharged and discriminated against California customers for over fifteen years, including failing to deliver discounts required by state law and imposing unlawful surcharges. Consumer advocates said that...
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Posted by Jamie Court
Normal 0 0 1 464 2647 22 5 3250 11.1282 0 0 0 The President called for an up or down vote on health care reform, but I can say from my own experience this week working with Blue Cross patients, who are part of Consumer Watchdog’s lawsuit against the company, that the public has already cast its vote. Go for it, now! At a press conference...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
President Obama's "get it done" speech on health reform Wednesday may have been a day late, but I hope it's not a dollar short, as the old saying goes. At least he has one tremendous ally in his call for action by Congress: Anthem Blue Cross, the nation's largest health insurer. The company's outrageous premium increases, not just in...
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Santa Monica, CA - Anthem Blue Cross, the California subsidiary of the nation’s largest health insurer, WellPoint Inc., has used enormous rate hikes to force patients into lower-benefit and higher-deductible health coverage in violation of state law, according to a class action lawsuit filed today by Blue Cross policyholders and consumer...
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National Health Care Reformers Should Pay Attention to Lawsuit Alleging That Nation's Largest Insurer Denies Liver Transplants Automatically   Los Angeles, CA -- A trial beginning today targeting the nation’s largest health insurer, WellPoint Inc., and its California subsidiary, Anthem Blue Cross, illustrates how difficult, and how...
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Consumer Watchdog Calls on Commissioner Poizner to Protect 230,000 California Homeowners from Safeco's Greed   Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog has asked the California Department of Insurance to reject the proposed 6.9%, or $13.3 million, homeowners insurance rate hike proposed by Safeco Insurance Company.  Safeco, which is...
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Consumer Watchdog, Dep't of Insurance Win Victory to Protect Prop 103, Save Policyholders Billions Santa Monica, CA – The California Court of Appeal has rejected an attempt by the insurance industry to cripple the right of the public, under Proposition 103, to scrutinize and challenge unjustified rate increases.  The Court agreed with...
Posted by Litigation Team
Donabedian v. Mercury Insurance Company Los Angeles Superior Court No. BC249019 Court of Appeal: Donabedian v. Mercury Insurance Company (2004) 116 Cal.App.4th 968 Consumer Watchdog Protects Public and Voters in Decade-Long Battle Against Overcharges by Mercury Insurance Company   UPDATE: Victims of Mercury's overcharges must redeem coupons...