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Santa Monica, CA – A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge issued a ruling finding that the Schwarzenegger Administration has illegally sided with health insurance companies that deny access to care for autistic children.  A memo circulated by the Schwarzenegger Administration to health insurers was also ruled to be an illegal “...
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Fine Print Contains Hidden Penalties, Taxpayer Costs   Santa Monica, CA -- The billionaire chairman of Los Angeles-based Mercury Insurance Company is sponsoring a ballot measure that would legalize surcharges of hundreds of dollars for automobile insurance, penalize good drivers for accidents that are not their fault, and lead to more...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The mother of an autistic child joined Consumer Watchdog and its attorneys today to announce a lawsuit against the California Department of Managed Health Care (“DMHC”), the Schwarzenegger Administration agency responsible for regulating many of California’s health insurers.  The suit alleges that the...
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Posted by Doug Heller
In a stunning show of fealty to insurance giant Safeco, 14 Republican state Senators and 11 Assemblymembers have asked the California Supreme Court to overturn an appellate ruling that Safeco Insurance has to disclose the names of policyholders it may have cheated.  Considering that state lawmakers are supposed to be spending their time...
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Lawsuit Seeking Refunds for Violations of Proposition 103 Will Proceed   Santa Monica, CA ­– Safeco Insurance Company will be required to disclose which customers it surcharged due to their lack of prior continuous automobile insurance coverage, the California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has ruled.  Plaintiffs allege that...
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Posted by Jerry Flanagan
On Friday, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) spoke about his health care plan at the Center for American Progress.  You can listen to the Senator's remarks here.  Max Baucus’s thoughts on health care matter because as chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which will play a central role in shaping health reform legislation, Baucus...
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Posted by Jamie Court
The president talked and joked easily with America from Jay Leno's couch last night, as close to a fire side chat as it gets in these times. Leno is no Jon Stewart and largely gave the president the floor. Still Obama spent most of his time on AIG and the financial crisis, suggesting that his future approach to regulation might be in line with a...
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Changes By Poizner Earlier This Year Led to Rate Hikes And New Proposal Will Lead to Even Higher Rates for Individuals, Businesses   San Francisco, CA -- California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has come under attack from consumer advocates for a proposal to deregulate insurance rates and allow insurance companies to raise rates on...
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Santa Monica, CA -- California drivers with Explorer auto insurance coverage will save $8.3 million per year under an order issued this week by Insurance Commissioner Poizner that requires the company to lower its premiums by 15%. The rate decrease must take effect by December 12, 2008.   Explorer had requested a 17.7% increase in the rate...
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Posted by Jamie Court
The CNBC anchors acted like I'd yelled fire in a crowded movie house when I pointed out this morning that it was investment losses driving insurance premium increases, not Hurricane Gustav or Katrina. You can watch the clip here  "A big allegation," the insurance industry spokesperson I was debating agreed. Well, the trade press...