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Allstate Insurance Company will not be allowed to hide trial exhibits that include the company's pay-out procedures for Hurricane Katrina claims thanks, in part, to efforts by Public Justice, a national public interest law firm headquartered in Washington DC, and the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (now Consumer...
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Challenges Under Voter-Approved Prop 103 Could Save $50 Million for 110,000 Fireman's Fund and Geo Vera Policyholders Santa Monica, CA -- The Department of Insurance ordered hearings this week into proposed earthquake rate increases by Geo Vera and Fireman's Fund in response to filings by consumer advocates at the Foundation for Taxpayer and...
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  News Archive - Web Logs - Press Releases Jan 11, 2007 - 01:10 AM Schwarzenegger's Homeowners Insurance Tax - Dumb Idea by Doug Heller   When I first heard about Schwarzenegger's plan to tax homeowners on their insurance policies as a way to fill some of his massive budget hole, I assumed I was being told about a terrible idea that...
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In most states, laws require insurance companies to pay claims promptly and for the full amount covered by the policy. However, as most consumers know, getting an insurance company to pay your claim can be a difficult and stressful experience. The following checklist offers suggestions on how you can protect your rights if a fire, earthquake or...
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Group Cites Secret Hurricane Andrew Memo Re: Insurance Industry "Opportunities" As a Result of Storm Consumers and regulators should guard against insurance industry attempts to use Hurricane Isabel as an excuse for massive and unnecessary rate increases. Insurers have a history of pushing for inappropriate rate hikes and bailouts soon...
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Consumer Groups Vow to Continue Fight to End Homeowner Insurers' Arbitrary, Inconsistent and Unfair Use of Credit History Sacramento, CA -- Legislation that would prohibit insurance companies from using a consumer's credit history to deny them homeowner's insurance coverage or to set rates was killed today by the Assembly Insurance Committee when...