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News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court
Los Angeles, CA ---  A front page story in the New York Times about hundreds of thousands Californians who have been unemployed long term brings into focus the faces of Californians who will be unfairly surcharged under insurance-industry based Prop 33, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign, which is fighting the ballot measure. Prop 33 gives auto...
Blog Post
By Harvey Rosenfield
The Mercury Insurance initiative’s lawsuit to stop the Attorney General and us opponents from telling the truth about Proposition 33 – how it will raise auto insurance rates – got tossed out of Sacramento Superior Court last Thursday. The Mercury campaign asked the court to rewrite the Official Ballot Pamphlet, which is sent to...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- In a press release today, Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph's Proposition 33 campaign misrepresented the in-court statements of Consumer Watchdog's attorneys in Sacramento Superior Court, claiming the attorney told the Court that "the truth is elastic."  The court rejected all of the Prop 33...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court, Harvey Rosenfield & Carmen Balber
Sacramenro, CA -- Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley rejected in full arguments in a lawsuit by the insurance industry backers of Proposition 33 and upheld the Attorney General’s Ballot Label as “Changes Law to Allow Auto Insurance Companies to Set Prices Based on a Driver's History of Insurance Coverage.”...
News Release
CONTACT Douglas Heller & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – In an attempt to deny voters access to arguments against his self-serving ballot initiative, Mercury Insurance Company billionaire George Joseph and his Prop 33 campaign consultants have filed a lawsuit to hide the cost of Prop 33 from voters. The lawsuit, filed in Sacramento late Friday, asks the Sacramento Superior...
News Release
CONTACT Douglas Heller
Santa Monica, CA – The newly numbered Proposition 33, funded by Mercury Insurance's billionaire Chairman George Joseph, is a replay of Mercury's unsuccessful 2010 initiative aimed at raising auto insurance premiums on millions of Californians. According to the Attorney General's official title of the initiative, Prop 33:...
Blog Post
By Laura Antonini
California drivers: have you heard of the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program? If you have a minimum liability auto insurance policy (15/30/15) and this doesn’t sound familiar, then your insurance agent or broker may have violated the law. California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program gives low-income motorists with good...
Blog Post
By Laura Antonini
Lately, California’s auto insurers have been slipping unjustified service fees onto bills – even when policyholders don’t use the service. Take the “installment fee” or “finance charge” for example.  Nearly all the big auto insurance outfits in California -- Auto Club, GEICO, State Farm, Mercury,...
News Release
CONTACT Brian Stedge
Santa Monica, CA – The billionaire insurance baron-backed ballot measure to surcharge millions of California drivers by 40% has qualified for the November 2012 ballot, according to the California Secretary of State.  Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph, who has already contributed over $8 million to the ballot measure, will...
News Release
CONTACT By Brian Stedge
Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance seeks to raise California insurance rates by 8.8% for approximately 300,000 homeowners and renters with Mercury policies. If approved, the increase would generate an additional $19 million per year for Mercury.  The insurer is seeking the increase even though it paid less than 50¢ in claims for...