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Program Provides Economic Opportunity in Tough Times, With No Taxpayer Cost   Santa Monica, CA – California lawmakers gave final approval Wednesday to legislation strengthening and extending the innovative “Low Cost Auto Insurance Program” that offers an affordable bare bones car insurance policy to low-income motorists...
By Consumer Watchdog
  State regulators describe Mercury Insurance as an abusive, anti-consumer company. The California Department of Insurance recently made this statement before an Administrative Law Judge in an agency enforcement action against Mercury: Mercury has a deserved reputation for abusing its customers and intentionally violating the law...
By Consumer Watchdog
  Mercury Is At It Again - It Wants To Repeal Consumer Protection Laws That Voters Defended in 2010 Mercury Insurance has teamed up once again with the Agents Alliance to propose a ballot initiative virtually identical to 2010's Prop 17, which was defeated by voters.  Mercury’s initiative would legalize surcharges by...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
It was insurance company lobbying that stuck Americans with a health reform law that lets private insurance companies run the show. The industry keeps proving that it has no intention of doing an honest job of it. The California Department of Insurance announced Thursday that Aetna's rate increases in the individual market, like those of Anthem...
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Washington, D.C. --- The financial reform bill will deregulate state insurance oversight by allowing the Treasury Department to use a new national insurance office to overturn a broad range of state protections, including solvency rules, if the legislation is not amended, warned Consumer Watchdog today. The House-Senate Conference Committee meets...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Doug Heller, 310.392.0522 x309; or Naomi Seligman, 310.392.0522 x318
Stunning Upset in $16 Million Campaign to Scam California Drivers   Santa Monica, CA - Ignoring a deceptive $16 million campaign by Mercury Insurance Company, California voters rejected a ballot measure that would have amended 1988 insurance reform Proposition 103 to allow insurance companies to impose surcharges on motorists who were not...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Doug Heller, 310-392-0522, x309; or Naomi Seligman, x318
Desperate Mercury Insurance Dumps Another Million into $16 Million Campaign and Distributes Last Minute Mailer from Phony “Consumer Coalition” Santa Monica, CA — Facing a surge of voter opposition in the last few days of its campaign for Proposition 17, sponsor Mercury Insurance injected another $1 million dollars into its...
Blog Post
Posted by Jamie Court
During my two decades battling in California's ballot initiative process never before have large corporations been poised to gain so much so cleverly as in next Tuesday's election. Industries have long tried to lard ballots with outright power grabs and voters have sent them packing. What Tuesday's ballot represents is new stealth strikes by...
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CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber (202) 629-3043; or cell (310) 403-0284
Washington, D.C. --- In advance of an expected final vote on financial reform legislation, Consumer Watchdog urged the U.S. Senate to fix provisions that would deregulate insurance oversight by giving the Treasury Department the ability to override state protections on behalf of foreign insurance firms, including laws requiring insurers to hold...
News Release
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Mercury Asking Dep’t of Insurance for $32 Million Rate Hike On Its Car Insurance Policyholders; Company Would Recoup All Its Money From $10 Million Prop 17 Campaign If Rate Hike is Approved Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance, the sponsor of Prop 17, is pushing regulators to allow a $32 million rate increase for California drivers insured...