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Santa Monica, CA – Low-income Californians with good driving records should be given a 3.9% rate decrease on the state's innovative Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, according to an actuarial analysis Consumer Watchdog submitted to the California Department of Insurance Wednesday. The Insurance Commissioner is conducting an annual rate...
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By Doug Heller
The Consumer Federation of America released a new report today assessing consumer views on the factors insurance companies use to set premiums around the country.  Not surprisingly, Americans think that insurance rates should be based primarily on motorists' driving safety record (87% and 85% of respondents believe rates should reflect a...
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By Laura Antonini
California drivers: have you heard of the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program? If you have a minimum liability auto insurance policy (15/30/15) and this doesn’t sound familiar, then your insurance agent or broker may have violated the law. California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program gives low-income motorists with good...
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Santa Monica, CA – Low-income motorists with good driving records will be able to purchase California’s innovative Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program online with the enactment of AB 1024 (Hueso), which was signed by Governor Jerry Brown this weekend.  Under the new law, California’s Department of Insurance will work with the...
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By Pam Pressley
Do you have minimum limits (15/30/15) on your auto insurance policy?  Did your insurance agent or broker tell you about California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, which could save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance?  Likely Not.  Consumer Watchdog is investigating the failure of agents and brokers to inform...
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Program Gives Lifeline In Tough Economy With No Taxpayer Cost Santa Monica, CA -- Governor Schwarzenegger has signed legislation, AB 1597 (authored by Assemblyman Dave Jones) to maintain California's innovative auto insurance program for low-income Californians with good driving records. The California Low Cost Auto Insurance program (CLCA),...
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For a graph of the nearly $2 billion California consumers saved between 2003 and 2010, click here. Below is a chart of Consumer Watchdog's pending and completed challenges to insurance companies' proposed rate changes in California. Pending PENDING Company/Group Line Description...
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Program Has Insured About 50,000 Californians at No Cost to Taxpayers   Santa Monica, CA -- Despite unanimous support from the State Assembly, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have extended California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program for low-income families.  AB 725 (Jones) received bipartisan support...
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posted by Doug Heller
UPDATE October 12, 2009.  As the LA Times reports, and defying logic, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill to extend California's Low-Cost Auto Insurance program through 2015.  Read more about the veto here. ------- If you live in California, please contact Governor Schwarzenegger and urge him to sign AB 725 (Jones), which would...
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Harvey Rosenfield
I just sent out the following note to our email list and thought I should post it on the site as well. -------------------------   I remember now why I hired armed guards to protect the voter signatures that put insurance reform Proposition 103 on the ballot twenty years ago. Yesterday morning, the Washington, D.C.-based Consumer Federation...