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By Jamie Court
As the legislature ended its business for the year in the early morning hours, legislative leaders proclaimed a prolific progressive session. Not so if you care about consumer protection. Key public interest causes were abandoned because of the power of the usual moneyed interest groups and the dependency of state house politicians on them....
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Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle for the third time failed to grant preliminary approval to an overbilling settlement with DWP ratepayers, calling for more disclosure and pro-consumer changes.  He said he would grant preliminary approval if those conditions are met. Consumer Watchdog has raised numerous...
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Posted by Jamie Court
When Californians angry about oil companies' attempt to repeal the state's greenhouse gas emission cap went to confront the oil refiner behind Prop 23's power play, they found the Tea Party in their way. What's an angry populist movement that's supposed to represent real people doing defending oil companies? It's a question the New York Times...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
It’s amazing how oil companies stay so completely on message. The American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry mouthpiece, is pushing the same deceptive “jobs, jobs, jobs” message as the Texas oil companies backing Proposition 23 on the California ballot. Both are saying that any shift toward greener energy that costs...
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Posted by John M. Simpson
Google last week asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for permission to buy and sell electric power like electric utilities do, but nobody seems to know what the Internet giant actually intends to do. The filing was made on behalf of a new Google subsidiary, Google Energy LLC. In the application Google writes: "In addition...
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Carmen Balber
As the work days blend into holidays, I hope you'll enjoy the holiday cheer of the Bailout Carolers:   You can download some of their carols for your own holiday fun from National People's Action.  Reminds me of Bailout Carols we sang in Sacramento in 2001, back when California's utility bailout (and Wall Street's manipulations of the...
Blog Post
Posted by Judy Dugan
The sex scandal du jour--California state Senator Mike Duvall, a "family-values conservative," boasting into an open mike during a hearing about his spanking, stamina and other exploits with two female lobbyists--ought to broaden focus. Duvall is political toast--apologized, resigned. But what about Sempra Energy, the employer of...
Statement of Harvey Rosenfield
A few hours from now and a few miles away, lobbyists and members of Congress will crowd into a hearing room to listen to Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke tell us that unless the American people come up with $700 billion right now, our financial system will collapse and we will enter another Great Depression (even though no one...
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posted by Doug Heller
This is a cautionary tale as bailout fever takes hold. On January 18, 2001, as electricity deregulation sunk California into its second consecutive day of rolling blackouts, a team of analysts at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York sent around a startling memo to its clients.  Let's start at the end: the rolling blackouts in California...
Blog Post
Doug Heller
For a generation, regulation has been a dirty word in politics unless it had the prefix "de-" attached to it.  I think the Wall Street Journal's story today is a sure sign that we're out of the woods and headed toward sensible oversight of corporate America (and its global tradng partners).   The Journal places the impetus...