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Washington, D.C. --- Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner, House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank, and Financial Services Subcommittee Chair Paul Kanjorski today, arguing that legislation intended to undermine state insurance protections (H.R. 2609) is inconsistent with the re-regulatory promise of the...
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Washington, D.C. -- A new consumer financial protection regulator was wounded but not crippled by a barrage of special interest lobbying and amendments before final approval of the bill in the House Financial Services committee yesterday, said the nonpartisan Consumer Watchdog. "Americans want an end to the culture of greed and consumer abuses...
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Posted by Carmen Balber
The first hour of debate just finished in the House Financial Services Committee on the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This is the agency that's supposed to rein in abusive credit cards, mortgages and checking accounts, and all the other financial tricks that made Wall Street money at consumers' expense. It's meant to demonstrate a...
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Consumer Regulator Must Oversee Credit Reports to Fulfill Obama’s Pledge Against Unfair Rate Hikes & Penalties   Washington, D.C. -- Congress must restore the ability of a proposed consumer financial regulator to oversee consumer credit reporting companies in order to fulfill President Obama’s pledge Friday that the new Agency...
News Release
CONTACT CONTACT: Carmen Balber, 202-629-3043, or cell: 310-403-0284
Amendments Could Strip Proposed Agency’s Authority to Investigate Penalties on Credit Card Users Based on Where They Shop   Washington, D.C. -- A new financial regulator charged with consumer protection must have the authority to oversee the full range of credit practices, including moves by credit card companies to penalize consumers...