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Lawsuit Seeking Refunds for Violations of Proposition 103 Will Proceed   Santa Monica, CA ­– Safeco Insurance Company will be required to disclose which customers it surcharged due to their lack of prior continuous automobile insurance coverage, the California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has ruled.  Plaintiffs allege that...
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posted by Doug Heller
Five years ago, AIG's then-Chairman, Hank Greenberg, compared lawyers who sue corporations on behalf of injured plaintiffs with terrorists.   Back in 2004, The Washington Post reported: "It's almost like fighting the war on terrorists," Greenberg told Boston College's Chief Executives' Club. "I call the plaintiff's bar...
News Release
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Groups Want Reversal On Ruling That Companies Can Continue Illegal Practices Until Someone Gets Hurt   Santa Monica, CA -- In an extraordinary request made late yesterday, eight public interest organizations asked the California Supreme Court to scrap its recent decision barring consumers from going to court to block unlawful terms in a...
Carmen Balber
Medical malpractice insurance companies have made an art form out of deflecting responsibility for doctors' high insurance rates. The insurers claim, in the court of public opinion, that if patients' legal rights are limited - typically with a cap on noneconomic damages in malpractice lawsuits - then doctors' premiums will drop......