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Consumer Watchdog's Judy Dugan takes on the "hot fuel" ripoff on NBC's Today Show. The pain at the gas pump is palpable. Making it worse:  a summertime gas station secret cheats drivers out of billions of dollars. And chains are fighting against changing the rules.
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Agreement for Costco Gas Stations Would Adjust Fuel for Temperature in Several States   Oil Companies Will be 'Making Fairness Illegal' if They Try to Stop Costco Deal, says Consumer Watchdog   Santa Monica, CA -- Costco has agreed to settle a lawsuit over the sale of “hot gasoline,” becoming the first U.S. gasoline retailer...
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Gov. Schwarzenegger, Assembly Speaker Bass Asked for Action to Protect Consumer Fairness Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog has filed a state complaint that a conflict of interest affected the outcome of the California Energy Commission’s study on the costs and befits of fixing the “hot fuel” ripoff in the state. The group...
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Consumer Group Says Government Staff's Consumer-Oriented Findings Were Altered by Commissioners With Ties to Oil Industry   Santa Monica, CA -- Public documents retrieved by Consumer Watchdog reveal that, after private meetings with oil industry representatives, some of the California Energy Commission's politically appointed Board Members...
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Commission Again Delays Vote on Anti-Consumer Report as Oil-Lobbyist Spouse of Commissioner Quits Her Role   Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog and Public Citizen have filed a detailed request for public records of the California Energy Commission, seeking communications between its professional staff and a politically appointed member of...
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Letter to Commissioner Heading Hot Fuel Study Cites His Clear Conflict of Interest:  Spouse's Petroleum Association Job Washington, DC -- Two national consumer advocacy groups today protested a report by the California Energy Commission that is likely to roll back consumer rights on the sale of gasoline in the state. The California action...
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Draft Report Accepts Industry Call for Ban on Temperature-Compensating Device, Denies Consumers Would Benefit From Any Remedy Santa Monica, CA -- A California Energy Commission (CEC) draft report on the "hot fuel" ripoff proves beyond doubt that consumers are unfairly treated at the pump, yet fails to recommend that the ripoff be fixed...
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Consumer Groups Criticize Oil Industry Resistance to Fixing Hidden Charge at Pump That Costs U.S. Drivers Close to $3 Billion Yearly Washington, D.C. -- As Memorial Day kicks off the summer driving season and gas prices scrape and sometimes exceed $4 per gallon, U.S. auto and truck drivers are paying $3 billion a year in hidden charges at the pump...
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California's Record Pump Price is $3.634, Usual Leader Hawaii Drops to $3.62 -- Group Praises Hawaii Effort to Expose Profits Santa Monica, CA -- In a reversal of the usual gasoline price pattern, the isolated market of Hawaii now has cheaper gasoline than California, said the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. In addition, Hawaii's...