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SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog’s new five-star rated app gives iPhone and iPad users a way to complain, stay informed and be engaged on the top consumer issues of the day. A popular feature, the “Consumer Watchdog Dog House,” allows consumers to take a photo with their phone and satirize or applaud a politician,...
Jamie Court Introduces Hilda Sarkisyan At Consumer Watchdog's 2011 Rage For Justice Awards
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By Judy Dugan
The honoree lineup at Consumer Watchdog's 25th-anniversary party on Saturday comprised a vivid portrait of our motto, "A Rage for Justice."  A mother, a wife and a wealthy businessman--all of them turned by corporate injustice into raging advocates--brought the crowd of hundreds in a hotel ballroom to its feet. (Watch the...
In this heated GRIT-TV debate, Jamie Court argues mandatory health insurance purchases are not necessary for health care reform to work and, in fact, undermine the best parts of the federal health care reform law.   All Americans will have to have health insurance by 2014 , but there is no limit on how much health insurance companies...