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News Release
Washington, D.C. – In a report released today, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) studied state auto insurance rate regulation in every state.  It found that, over the past quarter century, auto insurance expenditures in America have increased by 43 percent on average, with the median state, Wisconsin, jumping 56 percent....
 Prop 103 has resulted in lower premiums than 25 years ago
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
California is the only state in America where drivers spent less per year on auto insurance in 2010 than they did in 1989. That startling fact comes from the insurance industry’s own data just analyzed by the Consumer Federation of America. The group’s report credited California’s insurance reform Proposition 103 -- the toughest...
The California Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, held a press conference to criticize Blue Shield for an unjust rate hike which he is currently powerless to stop. The commissioner went on to remind the audience there is a chance to change that on the 2014 Ballot, which will feature a proposition that will force insurance companies to justify...
News Release
CONTACT Douglas Heller
Los Angeles, CA – Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, State Farm and Consumer Watchdog jointly announced a $160 million rate cut for State Farm’s California homeowners insurance policyholders at a news conference today.  More than a million homeowners and approximately 250,000 renters throughout California will see their premiums...
News Release
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Santa Monica, CA – Another double-digit rate hike takes effect tomorrow for 730,000 Californians with Anthem Blue Cross health insurance. The increase of up to 26 percent is the third or fourth rate hike in just two years for many Anthem customers, who have seen prices explode and benefits shrink in the last few years, said Consumer Watchdog...
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Washington DC -- Health insurance giant Wellpoint today announced a 38% profit increase in the 4th quarter of 2012, as compared to last year, for a total $2.7 billion in net profits for 2012. The insurance company continues to pad its profits even as the growth of health care costs remains at record-low levels and the company is forcing double-...
News Release
CONTACT Doug Heller, Jamie Court and Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Anthem Blue Cross plans to go ahead with a 10.6% average annual health insurance rate hike on small business owners, despite the fact that an examination by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones found the rate increase to be unreasonable and unsupportable, the Insurance Commissioner announced today. An initiative...
Blog Post
By Doug Heller
As Californian's look at their finances for 2013, several thousand homeowners will see savings on their earthquake insurance premiums.  As a result of California's insurance reform law – Proposition 103 – Californian's who purchase earthquake insurance from Chubb or Chartis will be saving a collective $12 million in...
Legal Update
By Harvey Rosenfield
Prepared Remarks of Harvey Rosenfield News Conference - Lawsuit Against Auto Club for Violation of Proposition 103 – Santa Monica, California October 25, 2012   Good morning, and thank you for coming. Joining us today is Ms. Jill Rogers, the plaintiff in the lawsuit we are here to discuss; Tim Blood, of the firm of Blood,...