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CONTACT By Brian Stedge
Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance seeks to raise California insurance rates by 8.8% for approximately 300,000 homeowners and renters with Mercury policies. If approved, the increase would generate an additional $19 million per year for Mercury.  The insurer is seeking the increase even though it paid less than 50¢ in claims for...
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By Doug Heller
Does your bank charge you extra on your monthly car or mortgage loan payments for insurance that the bank bought? Do you even know if it’s happening? Most people insure their homes and cars, but banks sometimes buy an additional policy without asking the owner, adding the costs to the monthly car or home loan payment. Sometimes the...
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CONTACT Brian Stedge
Los Angeles, CA -- Consumers and the courts, not an insurance company defendant, should benefit from a $455 million class action settlement, Consumer Watchdog argued at the settlement’s final approval hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court today. The unclaimed funds in the settlement of a consumer lawsuit against Farmers Insurance could...
Legal Update
Mercury Insurance wants to hike its already excessive homeowner’s insurance rates: Mercury’s stalling tactics have already cost its policyholders $25 million, and each day that Mercury is allowed to overcharge its policyholders amounts to $35,000 in excess profits.   In May 2009, Mercury Insurance sought to hike its homeowners...
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By Judy Dugan
I'm sure California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones knew what he was in for when he called together a few dozen consumer-focused organizations to talk about their issues with insurance--health, auto, home, long term care and more. The stories filled a day, and could have gone on for days more--of payment and care denied, policies that...
News Release
CONTACT By The California Department Of Insurance
Cross-posted from California Department of Insurance: Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today announced a substantial decrease in homeowner insurance rates by USAA. The recent approval of the company's rate filing reduces rates for most of its California policyholders by an average of 14.9 percent. "Today, I am pleased to...
Consumer Watchdog's Doug Heller discusses the value of acquiring earthquake insurance as risk increases and premiums decrease.