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News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- Challenging a proposal from the Farmers Insurance group of companies to hike its homeowners insurance rates by nearly 7.0% overall, or $78 million, Consumer Watchdog filed a petition today alleging that Farmers should instead decrease its overall rates and urging the Department of Insurance to hold a hearing. The proposed rate...
News Release
CONTACT Pamela Pressley & Cathy Lee
Santa Monica, CA - Consumer Watchdog petitioned the Insurance Commissioner this week for a public hearing on the “new program” private passenger auto filings of Farmers Specialty Insurance Company, an affiliate of Farmers Insurance Exchange. Consumer Watchdog’s petition seeks to compel Farmers and its affiliates to comply with...
Blog Post
By Judy Dugan
March 2014 update: Victory! The insurers have settled with Aunt Kay, thanks to the campaign mounted by her nephew Dan Shea. If only every person stuck in insurance company hell had Dan's smarts, tenacity and resources! Or better yet, if only insurance companies weren't allowed to put claimants through the torment that Kay suffered. Dan...
Legal Update
Doug Heller
Last month a California Court of Appeal overturned the Superior Court ruling in Streit v. Farmers Group, Inc. and allowed California consumers to pursue a lawsuit against Farmers Insurance for cheating customers out of fair refunds if they cancel their insurance policy.  Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys authored a key “Friend of the...
News Release
CONTACT Brian Stedge
Los Angeles, CA -- Consumers and the courts, not an insurance company defendant, should benefit from a $455 million class action settlement, Consumer Watchdog argued at the settlement’s final approval hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court today. The unclaimed funds in the settlement of a consumer lawsuit against Farmers Insurance could...