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News Release
CONTACT Pamela Pressley & Harvey Rosenfield
Santa Monica, CA — DIRECTV’s arbitration clause does not bar DIRECTV customers from suing the company for illegal early termination fees, the California Court of Appeal ruled Monday afternoon. The decision allows the case to proceed to trial. The class action lawsuit, filed in September 2008, charges that DIRECTV imposes unlawful early...
Legal Update
By Laura Antonini
On March 19, 2014, the California Court of Appeal will hold a hearing on DIRECTV’s attempt to force its customers who were wrongly charged early cancellation penalties to bring claims individually before private arbitrators rather than proceed in court as a class action. The class action lawsuit, brought by Consumer Watchdog’s...
News Release
CONTACT Pamela Pressley
Santa Monica, CA —DIRECTV reported net profit of $516 million for the 3rd Quarter of 2011, bringing its net profit to $1.89 billion for the first 9 months of the year and putting the company on track to top its record 2010 profit of $2.3 billion. DIRECTV’s profits come at the expense of its customers who are assessed hefty “...
Legal Update
At a hearing on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, DIRECTV customers who were charged cancellation fees of as much as $480 – even if the service was never installed in the first place – asked a California court to let their lawsuit proceed as a “class action.” While the judge put off a decision on the class action, she refused...
News Release
CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog issued the following statement regarding today's announcement of a lawsuit and settlement agreement between the California Attorney General and DIRECTV:   "The lawsuit and settlement agreement announced today by the California Attorney General and DIRECTV – apparently one of a...
News Release
CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield & Pamela Pressley
Satellite TV Company Charged Unlawful “Early Cancellation” Santa Monica, CA — Consumers who are being charged an “early cancellation penalty” by satellite television company DIRECTV asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to block the company from automatically removing the fees from customers’ bank accounts or...
News Release
CONTACT CONTACT: Harvey Rosenfield, 310-392-0522, ext. 303; or Pamela Pressley, ext. 307
Satellite TV Company Charges Unlawful "Early Cancellation" Fee, Consumer Advocates Contend   Santa Monica, CA -- A class action lawsuit charging that DIRECTV, the satellite entertainment company, imposes unlawful early cancellation fees of up to $480, often taking the money directly out of a consumer’s credit card or bank...